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We got an opportunity to visit Ireland last and we were really impressed with the “Disney” type landscapes, out of the world beauty and what not. We came back really satisfied and I in particular thought that probably that was it, and it cannot get better than this. However Aarti (who has traveled much more than me, I have just started recently) told me that Scottish Highlands might give a new perspective to the thin line that was dividing fantasy and nature in my head.

And she was quite right. Things are pretty normal till you have reached Aberdeen, but the moment you cross Inverness the landscapes start killing you with their beauty (I used the word killing because if you are driving you dont know whether to keep your eyes on the road or enjoy the scenery).

We checked out complete Isle of Skye and it was breathtaking, however the 1st prize goes to the road journey through the village of Glencoe towards Glasgow.


We took a pit-stop in Aberdeen, Portree & Glencoe. Click on the Hotel icon in the google map to get more details.Traveling to Scotland is convenient and easy from the rest of the UK and overseas with plenty of travel options available. Once in UK, you will have road, rail, bus and ferry network which provides good access to all regions and to main visitor destinations too.

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You will have plenty of choice between B&B’s, Hotels, Hostels, Self-Catering, Exclusive use Venues like Castles, Church, Lighthouse, etc, Caravans, Holiday Parks, Glamping.

Check in time usually is 2pm and check out time was 10-11am. Click on the pins of the map to get more details.

HumDono’s Favourite Places

Glencoe, Oban Village, Portree Village, Isle of Skye, Fort William, Fort Augustus, Fairy Pools of Scotland, Staffin, Quiraing.

Hotel We Chose

Courtyard By Marriott (Aberdeen), Grasmhor Bed & Breakfast (Glengrasco) & The Holly Tree Hotel (Kentallen Pier)

Favourite Drives

No road trip in Scotland is complete without driving along the magical road through Glencoe to Fort William. You can pull off to the roadside bay viewpoint and picnic area to stretch your legs and soak up some stunning views. However the top ones are:

  • Inverness to Isle of Skye.
  • Isle of Skye to Glencoe.
  • Glencoe to Fort William.


Christianity predominantly protestants.


As Scotland is a part of UK, Britishers do not need Visa. If you are Indian Passport, you need to apply for UK visa in order to enter Scotland.

Do’s and Don’ts

You will see variety of animals alongside the road. Make sure you do not touch or hold any animals especially sheep or lamb. Once you hold them for picture or for any other reasons, your body odour gets passed to them and their mother will never accept the lamb or sheep back hence they die in separation.


Highlands is a magical land of immense natural beauty.  Picturesque landscapes and scenery will take your breath away. If you enjoy un-spoilt environment, peace, serenity than this is haven for you. Do not forget to carry a good DSLR/GoPro. You will get bundle of opportunities to capture great post card shots.

Dress Code

As the old Scottish saying goes, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes. Scotland weather is quiet varied. Scotland’s high latitude means that although winter days are short, during the summer months, the days are very long. For example, towns in Shetland has about four hours’ more daylight at midsummer than London and at this time of year there is actually no complete darkness in the far north of Scotland.

Spoken Languages

English & Gaelic.

Country Code


Emergency Number

If you need emergency medical assistance during your trip, dial 999 and ask for an ambulance.


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