Application for Schengen visa

Schengen Visa

Its about time we start applying for Visa’s and we started with the Schengen. Filling up the form was pretty straight forward and the booked an appointment with French consulate and was available as soon as within a week.

Tricky part was to figure out which consulate we wanted to apply to as some of them might not be interested in granting you a longer Visa and also it depends on your first port of entry and/or which part of Schengen area you are going to spend most of your time (there is no clear answer on this as when we applied the last time at the French consulate we got a call later that we should have applied to Spanish consulate since we were going to stay there longer irrespective of the fact that our first port of entry was Paris).

We made sure we had all the documents ready before the appointment as memories from last visit were still afresh where we had to run around for photocopies and then submit them after standing in a long queue for quite some time. Well, in reality even that experience did not help us as we still had few documents to be photocopied and stand in the queue .. duh!

We were lucky to have the same adviser as we did last time, she was very courteous and helpful. Now, we sit and await their response and hoping for a longer validity on the Visa .

Schengen Visa does not come cheap thou; 48.78 + 22.76 = GBP 71.54


[UPDATE]: Got VISA in flat 3 days from French Consulate. Best part being that i got it for 2 Years Multi Entry. Yipeeee 🙂

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