Day 18: Chillin in Macedonia

It was a beautiful, bright and clear morning that we woke up too. Had heard a lot about Lake Ohrid, so the curosity made both of jump out of our beds early, get ready, pack our bags and we were out in a jiffy.

And the view that awaited us was indeed breathtaking, it is one of Europe’s deepest and oldest lakes and was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1979.

There was a nice restaurant opposite to the lake, once we had quenched our thirst for the natural beauty we realized we had tummy too that needed to be fed! I couldn’t hear my tummy but the voices from my wife’s had started to shape into acts of violence and a smart husband is one who knows when to act 😉

So, in a snap of fingers we were inside the restaurant and Aarti was going thru the menu. The guy serving us was probably one of the nicest we met in the whole journey. Food was nice as well, we couldn’t finish all of it so packed the rest.

I had to spend around an hour on my work related tasks as there was some urgency, we dint had much data left on our phones so parked Dhanno in the parking area of our hotel and thanked the free internet.

The hotel we stayed in Macedonia was:

Hotel Villa Dislievski – Read Review
Kej Marshal Tito br.68a,
6000, MK

Pit Stop on the way to Greece
Topping up the wash fluid

Then after checking out the main market, we were back on the road towards Meteora. It was a 4 hour journey and we were really excited as we were going to spend quite some time in Greece.

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