Day 14: Hungary to Croatia via Slovenia

We woke up to another bright beautiful day, this time it was Budapest. After realizing how cheap it was to have a good time in Budapest, we decided to get our bones the treatment they deserve. You guessed it, massage it was 🙂

Aarti found a place nearby our hotel, Queen’s Court Hotel & Residence and we were excited. For an hour of massage each, you will be shocked to know how much we paid, the total came out to be GBP 6.00, and we tipped her another GBP 2.00.

Plan for today was to reach Vinjerac, Croatia via Maribor, Slovenia. A total of 725 Kms, so was going to be a hectic day. We had our breakfast, and after a relaxing back massage we were back on the road.

Budapest Town
On Way to Maribor

Let me take a moment here and let you guys know that Budapest is an amazing city and will get you more bang for your buck, and if you are looking for a place to have a good vacation, take our work and come to Budapest 🙂

Even though Slovenia was not on our route, we wanted to check it out as well. The closest town was Maribor, so we headed towards it. Once at the border, in addition to regular insurance that we had to buy there was an additional permit we had to spend our money on. We reached Maribor post noon and it was a nice little quiet town. We bought some bakery and tea from a local shop. Stayed there for some time, clicked some pictures and started towards Zagreb.

Maribor Town Slovenia
Maribor Town Slovenia

It was getting dark already, and rain had started to trickle down as well. Even though we were on the coastal road now, because it was dark we could not see the amazing views running with us 🙁

We reached Vinjerac a little late in the night, there was no shop open at this time, so we had to eat some fruits and call it a day.

We stayed at:

Tamarix Residency,
Vinjerac, Croatia

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