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Now came the toughest one. When i say “toughest”, it’s not that they are going to call us for an interview and ask us 10,000 questions. I call it the toughest because probability of getting Chinese Visa stamped is 50-50 and if we do not get this Visa (god forbid) then our trip will not be possible!

So, we did out homework and without taking any chances got in touch with Visa processing company CIBT (the company Aarti works for uses CIBT for processing Visas for their clients and Aarti gets special company discount).

Also, anyone traveling through China via road needs to get hold of a guide. Chances are if you are unable to find one, you will not be allowed to enter China. Aarti got a contact from Inder (Glasgow-To-Goa fame) and got in touch with Keyoun from:

Kashgar Mountaineering Adventures
YUDU mansion, 43 South Jiefang Road, Kashgar, China
Tel: +86 -998-2821832
Fax: +86 -998-2835444

He has been helpful beyond his call of duty and he arranged official invites for us, these invites are absolutely necessary for obtaining a Chinese Visa.

CIBT provided us the forms that we were supposed to fill for the Visa.

Note: Please make sure you clearly mention which all areas you will be visiting in China, any misinformation should be avoided at all costs.

We took the regular service, which has a turn around time of 4 days and Chinese Embassy was kind enough to issue both of us 1 Month Single Entry Tourist Visa 🙂

Applicants of Chinese Origin
First time China Visa applicants born in China (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) or those who have previously held Chinese nationality need to supply their former Chinese Passport and/or Identity Card plus their original Hong Kong/Macau ID or original Taiwan mainland Travel Permit. Applicants applying for a China Visa for the second or subsequent time must supply their current or former passport with Chinese Visa.
Applicants who have never held a Hong Kong ID card must supply a cover letter stating this and explaining the reason why. A copy is acceptable.
The applicants name as stated on the Chinese Passport and/or Hong Kong ID card must be identical to the name on their current passport.

Children Under the Age of 18
Parent must sign and complete sections 4 & 5 of the Visa Application Form. Children under the age of 18 are requested to provide the following documents:
  • Original and copy of long birth certificate
  • Original passports of both parents plus a copy of their information page(s)
  • Original and copy of their Indefinite Leave to Remain permit where applicable
  • Old Chinese passport or People's Republic of China Exit and Entry Permit if applicable

Children Under the Age of 6
Children under the age of 6 are requested to provide the following documents:
  • Copy of long birth certificate must be supplied
  • Copy of the information page of both parents passports
  • Letter of consent signed by both parents
Children who are applying for their first visa and whose parent(s) holds a Chinese passport, they must apply in person for their visa.

Media Professionals
Applicants whose occupation includes media related activities are usually only issued a one month single entry visa.

Travel to Tibet, Hong Kong and Macau
Travelers entering Tibet, Hong Kong and Macau are advised to research these destinations individually as separate regulations may apply

Proof of Previous Visa(s)
Applicants who have previously been issued one or more Chinese visa must:
  • Supply a clear copy of their most recently issued visa
  • Supply a clear copy of the information page(s) of the passport in which the old visa was issued
  • Supply the original cancelled passport if it contains a valid visa

Double Entry Applicants
Applicants requesting a double entry visa are requested to provide a flight and hotel confirmation showing both sets of entry and exit dates.

Multiple Entry Applicants
Applicants requiring a multiple entry visa must supply a clear copy of a previously obtained multi entry visa (if obtained before) when applying for a multi entry.

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