Windows Mobile App [WVGA]: Sur v1.0 MP3 Player with Visualization

Recently i came across WinamPAQ v1.0 Beta. What an awesome mini Winamp for your Windows Mobile. And then one fine day i thought of checking out the cool visualization that my Desktop Winamp used to have.

But destiny had something else in store for me. Yeah .. No Visualization and i was like .. Why!

That gave me an inspiration to sit down finally and do some serious Windows Mobile Platform coding. I have been doing that before but for customs tool to make my life easier. BTW i am Windows Mobile fan (Still have to put my hands on a Android :-p).

So i started few weeks back and have a running release. It is still work in progress but atleast i have got it working.

I have named it Sur which means Rhythm in Hindi.

1. If you enable/disable visualization few times the program might hand your machine.
2. You cannot delete songs from the Playlist.
3. Cannot save playlist.

1. Should work on any Windows Mobile WVGA Device with decent processor.
2. When adding a folder, please make sure you press “Select Folder” when inside that folder.
3. I have tested it on LG eXpo running on Windows Mobile Professional 6.5.x

Feedback is more than welcome. Looking forward to finish this and do something more for the free world. Till then take care and have fun! 😀

Download: Sur v1.0.rar



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