Turkey Visa

So you think Turkey Visa would be a breeze for anyone as it is an online e-Visa, but hold on .. Not for us!

Aarti started by filling out a form for me (yes i dont do any of the travel related activities as i have a personal travel agent.. he he). While she was filled out my details and about to proceed to her own application, she saw an option to add family member details in my form alone. She entered all her information and paid the fee and got the digital visa in the mail.

All looked good until she noticed that she has “Hindistan” in her e-Visa against her nationality. So she called up the number available on their website and the ordeal began. She explained to them that there was no option to state nationality of add on member when she was filling herself out.

They responded by saying that they will pass on the feedback to the IT team but they cannot refund the amount.

Hence, she had to apply again for the e-Visa.

Good thing is that Turkey Visa is out of the way as well 🙂

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