Rajiv and Kapil

An Open Letter to Kapil Sharma & Rajiv Dhingra

I have been reading a lot in the media about my very dear friend Kapil Sharma; while most of the stuff being circulated is baseless rumor, I do know he is going through an extremely tough time both emotionally and physically but have been fighting it like a warrior. And it is so reassuring to see his bestie Rajiv Dhingra on his side supporting him through thick and thin just like old times.

I really hope to convey my emotions through this letter to my old pals Kapil and Rajiv, and to remind them of the good old times. Please remember you guys were and will always be warriors no matter what!

Rajiv and Kapil

I have known both of them since college days around 1997 (which marks our 20th year of friendship this year). I would like to share few things which means a lot to me not only as a friend but also as a student and I am really thankful to what all I have learnt from both of you!

Looking back, I still remember the time when Kapil would run errands and still be so happy and content by end of day with couple of hundred bucks! He would party that night with his besties and live those moments! When Rajiv used to direct our shows for youth festival, he would spend days and nights on directing “Skit” for our college. For his months of work he would earn less than 30,000 but he will still do it year after year and thanks to him that our college always won the trophy. It really fill me with pride when I see how your hard work has paid you in full, still you guys are as grounded, as humble and as together than ever!

My dearies Kapil & Rajiv – No one knows what’s going to happen tomorrow and no one has ever figure that out anyways and it is absolutely okay to feel that ways! We all make plans along the way but eventually we end up changing and tailoring them as per our needs or depending at what phase of life we are going through!

Kapil – I just want to tell you that you are the most loyal and sincere friend when it comes to friendship, a great son, a great person to work with and number 1 standup comedian (I really don’t need to remind you about this)!! There is a reason you got IBN award of the year! But this does not mean you are going to have sunshine throughout the year! You will have rainy days my friend and may be as bad as Mumbai monsoon but buckle up and hold your seat! “Tough times don’t last but tough people do” – This is exactly what you guys used to tell us in the college days!! You have done it in the past when you had no money and no fame but all you had was family and bunch of good friends! Your real wealth is your friends and I am proud to say that your real wealth has only grown manifold, all of us are still with you like a leech ?

Oh!! And not to forget that you now have approximately 1 billion more friends worldwide who love you and always want best for you! How awesome is that?

Having said that, you are still going to have some worthless and stupid people in your life who are going to break you down at every stage – Hell yeah!! However surrounding yourself or hanging around with positive people will make your life easy and super smooth ?. You are the wealthiest person I know when it comes to friendship and I am so glad you are surrounded by the likes as well.

You got to believe in it because we believe in you!

Never forget that it is your hard work and passion that has made you what you are today! People pitching negative stories about you & Rajiv are clearly insecure and evil! May they find their much required peace of mind and if they don’t find it guess what they are going to get; Babaji ka Thullu ?

Let me also tell you one more thing – You don’t need Twitter, social media and any journalist to validate your existence or convey what’s going in your life! It’s your life and you have the freedom to handle it the way you want! If you can create happiness for whole India between 9 pm – 10 pm then why can’t you do it for yourself by living the life you want and by not being bothered about the rumors, you are not answerable to media or anyone else!

I want to remind you that we all create happiness for ourselves, yes we can be influenced by surroundings but do not let it affect your focus! Everyone will probably make stupid mistakes in life, who does not! Let me tell you that I will be by your side no matter what because while people may say whatever, I do know if you made a mistake you will not shy away from rectifying it!

Rajiv and Kapil

Kapil & Rajiv, you both are much more worthy than what you think or give credit to yourself! All I want to convey through this letter is that I and person sharing this letter does care for you, want immeasurable happiness for you, billions of wishes for your best health and a very joyous future. We want you to wake up every morning thinking that you have billions of people who love you so much, support you every day and wait for your show in the night where they can sit with their families and laugh their heart out. No phones, no chit-chat and just “The Kapil Sharma” show, endless laughs and cup of chai with family!

Your friend, your student and your well-wisher from other side of the globe who may not be there with you physically but always looking out for you!


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