Nice Cream & Fruit Kebobs (Vegan, Gluten Free, Raw, Dairy Free)

As the temperature rose to 26 degree Celsius today in Chicago, felt like cooling it down with homemade ice cream while watching the “Airlift” movie. Movie and “N”ice cream both turned out great actually 🙂

Thought of sharing with you all, please do try and you won’t regret. I used Raspberry but you can use any seasonal fruit or any of your favorite one. Ex: Mango, Papaya, Apple, Pear, Cherry, Falsa, Jamun, Lychee etc. Just replace Raspberry or fruits or both accordingly and the rest remains same. You can also add Agave, Honey, Maple syrup if want more sweetness.

Fruit Kebobs

Picked up few Cherries, Peach and Pear and grilled it for 15 mins (450 degrees) and then broil for 05 mins (450 degrees) and this is how it looked.

Fruit Kebobs

I have always loved Pears and Apple cooked but combining pear with Cherry was quiet yummy.
I know it does not look very inviting but taste it to believe it 🙂

Raspberry Nice Cream (V, GF, R, DF)

Cook Time: 5 mins / Serves 2

Ingredients: (1 cup frozen Raspberry, 1 cup Coconut Cream, bunch of Cherries, spoon of Pomegranate, 2 Mint leaves)

Coconut Cream – I bought organic Thai Coconut Milk can. Let them sit in Fridge for few hours or overnight. Open the can and you will have the coconut cream on top and remaining bit at the bottom (coconut water).

Recipe: Mix above ingredients and put them all in high speed blender. I used Vitamix. Once all is mixed like a puree or to the consistency you need, take it out and freeze for couple of hours. Yes, that is it. Your “N”ice cream is ready.

Nice Cream
Nice Cream

I used chilled Nice cream on top of warm fruit kebobs and it was delicious.
You can top up your pancakes, Waffles, Cones or enjoy as an ice cream only.

Let me know what fruits you used and how it turned out. Hope you enjoy.

Love, Luck, Health & Happiness

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