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My Pregnancy Story

We always knew once we are done with the Roadtrip, we will have another partner in crime before we plan the second one. So after our trip completion and moving to Chicago, IL on Dec 2014. Master Anveer Singh Pathania was born to us on 9th Dec 2015.

Little Bub was conceived in Pittsburgh and delivered in Chicago. I started my search for nearest hospital and we chose Edward hospital which was under our network provider as well.  This gorgeous city will always be very special for me as I met my man in Chicago and now my little bub! I had super smooth pregnancy except that I had UTI on 4th month and Fibroids were diagnosed during pregnancy. UTI (3 days were tough) but Fibroids were absolutely calm and I dint even feel anything. Doctor’s said Fibroids are very common and they usually occur during pregnancy but fades away as you deliver. Well he was right as my Fibroids faded 4 months postpartum. I dint have any nausea, morning sickness or GD etc. so I would consider my pregnancy super smooth until 38th week when it started getting tough for me to sleep as Veeru took his own sweet time i.e. 41 week 6 days, so last month was not very easy and comfortable with big body.

Oh yes!! Did I mention, I gained 30 kilos (60 pounds approx.) Gawddd!! That is a lot…. Right! 🙂

I was definitely nowhere within recommended weight gain range. I think I wanted to enjoy these 9 months as I was very confident that postpartum I will somehow lose all extra kilos. In addition, there was plenty of rant, emotional cries, laughs and demands ..ha ha ha, I blamed hormones but Akhil says he dint see any change and that was just routine for me <wink> <wink>

Here is my Pictorial pregnancy story.

Yay!!! We are pregnant



With great power comes the great “new” responsibility 🙂

Name decided – “Anveer Singh Pathania” We knew it’s going to be A team!

The A Team

The A Team

And the preparation started – Knowledge is power : Yes, That’s correct. I remember reading all the books and hoping I would not get those horrible ailments which are mentioned in the book and for the most part, I would say I was lucky. I still ended up with UTI in 4th month, Fibroids through the pregnancy which started and faded with the pregnancy (thank gawdddd :-)) and Carpal tunnel which again went away around 5th month postpartum.

Raising Baby Green

Raising Baby Green

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