Mahabharat Star Plus Krishna

Mahabharat (Star Plus) – All Episodes [1 – 267]

We have been watching the latest rendition of Mahabharat by Start Plus as well, and its pretty impressive to say the least. Since getting hold of all the episodes was not a straight forward process, i am listing all HD episodes here and a java program using which you can download all episodes in a single click 😉

Here is a tutorial video to help you download the episodes (if video does not show up then click here):

If you still have doubts, you can use the steps below:

Step 1: Download file. Once downloaded extract it to get df.jar, MAHABHARAT.txt file.


Find the exact path for the JAR & TXT files. Ex:

In Windows:
JAR-FILE = C:\users\public\Downloads\df\df.jar
TXT-FILE = C:\users\public\Downloads\df\MAHABHARAT.TXT

In Linux/Mac:
JAR-FILE = /home/usr/df/df.jar


Step 2: Find out the complete path for the folder where you want to save the downloaded files. Ex:

In Windows:

In Linux/Mac:


Step 3: Enter DOS prompt from START MENU or in Windows (SHIFT + Right Mouse Click) (see snapshot below), if on Linux/Mac (CTRL + ALT + T) then start Terminal.















Type the following command and press enter to start the download process for all 267 Episodes:



If you want to download only one Episode i.e. Episode 10, then try this command:


If you want to down a range of Episodes i.e. Episode 200 to Episode 250, then try this command:


Download Size ~ 50+ GB

NOTE: Manual links removed on Star Plus’s Complaint.

Disclaimer: None of the video are hosted by me, i have simply collect URL’s for all videos available on the public domain and presented on this page. I am not responsible for the content and quality of these videos. Thanks.

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      • Sreeja

        Hey Akhil…I’m having some trouble downloading the videos…I only need videos 262-263…so I typed the following into the DOS screen…

        java -jar df.jar MAHABHARAT.txt C:\Data-DIYA\New Downloaded\df_MAHABHARAT_v2.0\Mahabharat Trial

        But the downloads are still not working… 🙁
        Please advice!

        • Akhil Pathania

          Hi Sreeja,

          You need to give path within double quotes since you have blank spaces within folder names i.e. java -jar df.jar MAHABHARAT.txt “C:\Data-DIYA\New Downloaded\df_MAHABHARAT_v2.0\Mahabharat Trial” 262-263

        • Drashti Bagadia

          Hi. I am unable to download the episodes. I followed everything from the video. This is what I keep getting. Please help me. please.

          C:\Users\Drashti Bagadia\Downloads\df_MAHABHARAT_v2.0>java -jar df.jar Mahabharat.txt C:\Users\Drashti Bagadia\Downloads\df_MAHABHARAT_v2.0\Mahabharat
          Either just enter Episode No i.e. 10 or Episode Range i.e. 10-20

          C:\Users\Drashti Bagadia\Downloads\df_MAHABHARAT_v2.0> 10
          ’10’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
          operable program or batch file.

          C:\Users\Drashti Bagadia\Downloads\df_MAHABHARAT_v2.0>10
          ’10’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
          operable program or batch file.

          C:\Users\Drashti Bagadia\Downloads\df_MAHABHARAT_v2.0>1-10
          ‘1-10’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
          operable program or batch file.

          C:\Users\Drashti Bagadia\Downloads\df_MAHABHARAT_v2.0>java -jar JAR-FILE TXT-FILE DOWNLOAD-FOLDER 1-250
          Error: Unable to access jarfile JAR-FILE

          C:\Users\Drashti Bagadia\Downloads\df_MAHABHARAT_v2.0>java -jar JAR-FILE TXT-FILE DOWNLOAD-FOLDER 10
          Error: Unable to access jarfile JAR-FILE

          C:\Users\Drashti Bagadia\Downloads\df_MAHABHARAT_v2.0>java -jar JAR-FILE TXT-FILE DOWNLOAD-FOLDER
          Error: Unable to access jarfile JAR-FILE

          C:\Users\Drashti Bagadia\Downloads\df_MAHABHARAT_v2.0>

          • Akhil Pathania

            Hi Drashti,

            Try this: C:\Users\Drashti Bagadia\Downloads\df_MAHABHARAT_v2.0>java -jar df.jar Mahabharat.txt “C:\Users\Drashti Bagadia\Downloads\df_MAHABHARAT_v2.0\Mahabharat”

          • Ashish

            HI Sir,

            Even after opening command prompt as admin, it still gives the same error that unable to access jarfile JAR-FILE.


          • Akhil Pathania

            Hi Ashish,

            Please share the following information with me (on facebook page for faster response):
            1. Complete path of the folder where you have extracted the zip file
            2. Complete path of the folder where you are going to save the videos
            3. Command you are trying to execute

      • LALA

        HY BOSS,

        i downloaded 6 episodes then my internet connection is broken when i started again then it started from 1 again.
        i removed first 6 links from that text then it’s showing error every time.
        i also tried to enter episode no but it’s not working.
        will you please tell me how i can download this from 6 onward or if broken again how i can start from any episode.


  1. nahrin

    thanku so much for the vdos..i hav been searching them for a long time but cudnt get any i got lucky and finally got this website..u dont know what a big fan i am of Mahavarat..god bless u.

  2. Mohit

    Hello Akhil,, Please tell me how to download all the episodes at once. I am not able to download it. It says
    java -jar C:\\df.jar C:\\MAHABHARAT.txt

    which is file?? Plz xplain

  3. Satish

    Thanks dear,

    I have created a folder in C drive named Mahabharata. Downloaded and extracted it to folder Mahabharata. But when i run this command in command prompt, I get this error : “Windows cannot find java make sure you typed the name correctly”

  4. Sam

    Hello Akhil,

    When I am trying to run df.jar it is giving me error message main class not found. can you please give me detail ms dos code (I am using Win 7)


  5. SV


    Thank you so much for uploading the original Mahabharath (Hindi version). Wish it had English subtitles for people like my son and grand kids. I was scouring the internet and either Star Plus/Hot Star/whatever mentioned that Mahabharath cannot be viewed in my area. You’ve done us all a great service!

  6. Maharshi

    Can you please help when ever i try to download it says:
    C:\Users\Maharshi>java -jar C:\Users\Maharshi\Desktop\Mahabharat\df.jar C:\Users\Maharshi\Desktop\Mahabharat\MAHABHARAT.txt
    Downloading File:
    File Size = 165 mb
    File Name = Episode-2.mp4
    [ ]
    ERROR Downloading

    its stuck their could you help me plz

  7. deepak

    can u make a small video on how to download all episodes at once I try but didn’t work or write every single step in order thank you

  8. Aditya

    A great thank Akhil

    I live here in England, and have been trying since last year to get these episodes, however for some unknown
    reasons i couldnt find it anywhere. This post of yours has really been a boon for me.

    Koti Koti dhanyawaad aaryaputra 🙂

    Just a small request – I live here in a village and thus we have very ugly bandwidth ( around 4Mbps ), i have already
    put the files for download, but in case if i couldnt – would be able to send me these through any other medium ..on
    a usb or may be through a file server. I knnow i have been asking for a lot – but if u could – I would be very thankful.



  9. Arijit Das

    Thanks a lot Sir.

    I more request.
    Could we get these videos in 720p or upper resolution?

    These are being pixelet while playing on our home led TV of 36 inches.
    Any way again Thousands of thanks.

  10. yansu

    Thank you friend,,, I hope i also could get the english subtitle. It will be helpful if you can inform me if there are subtitles for the series. Once again thank you for your kindness.


  11. Pushkar Singh Pawar

    kash ye sb link torrent m hote ……. yaha se dwnld to ho rahe hn bt galti se bhi light chli jaye ya net dissconnect ho jaye to fir dubara dwnld karo……

    • Akhil Pathania

      Hi Pushkar,

      I know man but cannot help you with that. You can edit the .txt file delete all the episode that have been download when the light goes off and the .jar file will start from where it left.

  12. Kirti

    I cant thank you enough for uploading these episodes……May Krishna bless you abundantly…..however I am not very tech savvy so will just ejoy watching the episodes here

  13. Bhavesh


    I was looking for the virat swaroop episode for ages since it was telecasted and now have finally found it here. Glad to know sir, you are doing a great job to our mankind.

    Thank you once again, God Bless!!

  14. bhushan desale

    hey thanks for putting these videos….it was very easy to download…i m big fan of mahabharat series ..karna is my fav…anyways god bless you for your work

  15. Rishi Ashar

    I am not able to download at once. I extracted the zip, created the folder “c:\mahabharat” and than run the jar file but nothing is happening

  16. Sunil

    Hello sir
    I watch and dowenload full mahabhat but problam is last sires not comming like 1 to 7 ok
    But episode 8 not comming
    Then 9 to 15 ok
    But 16 not comming
    Means last line not comming so please help me
    Sunil patil

  17. Saurabh Pandey

    thank you very much for these full episodes.. I hope lord Krishna bless you…. I had been searching these episodes from 1 year………….

          • santosh kumar

            hi can u let me know completely…………. how to get a path of Find the exact path for the JAR & TXT files. Ex: and download file path in linux (it would be kind if u give some brief examples………… thanking you santosh kumar

          • Akhil Pathania

            Hi Santosh,

            Use the PWD command:

            In Unix-like and some other operating systems, the pwd command (print working directory) writes the full pathname of the current working directory to the standard output. The command is a shell builtin in most Unix shells such as Bourne shell, ash, bash, ksh, and zsh

        • Akhil Pathania

          Hi Happy,

          Download the and follow updated instructions. Please make sure you use an empty folder to download the episodes. If you already have downloaded few episodes, they will have to be downloaded again. I was able to download episodes as I think Star Plus has not blocked the URL’s yet. Try as soon as you can before Star Plus blocks it again and let me know.

  18. Mohit

    Thank you so muchh
    I was eagrly finding Mahabharata full episode.
    Today I am able to download it.
    Krishna guidelines in this series is too good.
    Thanks again.

  19. chetan

    Hiii sir ……i want 6,7,8 episode,14,15,16,episode,22,23,24 No. episode and also …….plzzz sir… help me …and guide me how to download the episode

  20. Zandu

    This is a dream come true such painless way to get all episodes. Thanks a lot Akhil, may god bless you.

    for those of you having error although you have Java installed. I ran into an error when executing the cmd. I got the following error

    Downloading File:
    File Size = 347 mb
    File Name = Episode-1.mp4
    [ ]
    ERROR Downloading

    The way I fixed this was by creating a folder called Mahabharat under c:\ . Without the folder in this location you will not be able to use Java to download all episodes.

    You may follow the following steps to overcome this error.

    Step 1: Create a folder MAHABHARAT in your C:\ i.e. C:\MAHABHARAT
    Step 2: Download file. Once downloaded extract it to c:\Mahabharat get df.jar, MAHABHARAT.txt file.
    Step 3: Either use DOS prompt or execute the following command in the Start > Run field (Windows).

    If you are using Linux/Mac then execute the .JAR file and pass the .TXT file as input parameter.

    java -jar C:\MAHABHARAT\df.jar C:\Mahabharat\MAHABHARAT.txt

  21. Nitin Mahadik

    Awesome job Akhil……I was searching this for a long time now……great work in compiling all together and making it so simple that anyone without having any programming knowledge can use your tool……kudos
    God bless you and your family…..Many thanks

  22. Deepak

    Hi Aditya, I’m also from the UK. If you can send out or pay for a hard drive or USB stick then I am happy to put all of the files on there for you and ship it back to you.

  23. Aditya

    Hey Deepak,
    Thanks for your kind response . After days of hard work i managed to download them all 🙂
    Thanks aneways for your help and once again thanks to AKHIL, it was really very difficult to get

  24. Prasanna

    Thank you “AKHIL PATHANIA” for sharing the links of serial.
    I was searching for this from very long time.
    The YouTube had only 5 mins of every episode and “Hotstar” doesn’t work here in USA.
    I was having lot of trouble finding all episodes.
    Thanks again

  25. Madhav Patil

    Hi Sir,
    Mala Mahabharat Download karayache aahe tari mi C drive madhye Mahabharat Name cha Folder create kelo ani df_MAHABHARAT he folder download karun Mahabharat folder madhe extrect kelo aahe tari mahabharat download hot nahi

    Tari mala he software download kase install karyache va kothun download karayache

    Pleas Steps by Steps Installation and Download steps he Pathwun dene

    steps by steps dene Please

  26. Satya

    Hi Akhil,

    Thank you very much! I have been continuously searching, We live in Germany and I want my daughter to watch these.
    I am trying to play these on the internet TV but there is continuous loading sign that is coming on the screen while the episode is playing. What is the problem…should I do / change something.


    • Akhil Pathania

      Hi Satya,

      You are most welcome bro. Have you downloaded the videos or you trying to directly play it from the links? Playing directly from the TV might be an issue and you might need high speed internet (which i presume you might already have)!

  27. Vaibhav

    Thanks Akhil. Much appreciated. You don’t need to download the videos. Open the links in Chrome browser, Chrome’s video player will play the video.

  28. Parth

    Pls help, I am a mac user.

    I dont understand this steps.

    If you are using Linux/Mac then execute the .JAR file and pass the .TXT file as input parameter.

    java -jar C:\\df.jar C:\\MAHABHARAT.txt

  29. Subhash patel

    Hi मोबाइक मे 5EP सोड से जादा नही दीखाता वोलाइन पुराकट दोजाता दे

  30. Ravi

    Hi Akhil,
    Thanks a lot for posting these valuable video files of Mahabharat. I speak and understand Hindi, but my kids who reside abroad does not understand Hindi. Is there a way i can activate English sub-titles for them. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

  31. Parth


    Can you pls display steps for mac too like you have done it for PC? I’ll be grateful, i have tried on mac, but i am unable to download all at once.

  32. pratik

    Sir,i want following mahabharat episode
    Plz sir i want it.

  33. shailesh kumar

    can you provide me java link so that i could download it.I downloaded java but that shows error.
    plz send the java link so that i could download the all episodes at once .


    Hi Akhil, First i would like say a thanks a lot for publishing all Mahabharata videos of good quality format.
    Great work and god bless you.

  35. Ishan Mahant

    Thank you so much for doing this wonderful work, seems you had cut the advertisement which is best part because its hectic,
    get more updates sir of different serials of mythology.

  36. PRIYAM

    Hello Sir,
    When i am typing your given procedure i face this problem, C:\Users\pbsray\Downloads\df_MAHABHARAT\MAHABHAR
    AT.txt (The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect)
    at Method)
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at com.dimtoo.misc.DownloadFile.main(
    sir pls help me to solve this.

  37. surya bhan patel

    Hello sir first i vry happy nd thnku for uploding all epesod mahabharat
    Sir what r u uploding saraswatichandra serial all epesod
    Plz sir uplod all epesod

  38. Varun

    What I’m seeing is unbelievable!! All the episodes are getting downloaded in just one click!

    How much time does it take to download completely?
    Thank you so much for your kind service.

  39. shri

    actully my internet is little slow and i face the problm of buffring …………and there is no option to change video quality

  40. Sri

    Episode – 91. Would anyone please let me know the 5th baseline for Dharma? Sorry I could not catch properly.

    1. Gyan, 2. Prem, 3 Nyay, 4, Samarpan, 5. ????

  41. Krishna kirti

    Hi……I just wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart for uploading all these episodes…….may Lord Krishna shower his choicest blessings on you

  42. Sri

    By god’s grace You did good things by sharing & spreading all these episodes with the intention of helping others and showing them the right path, can’t you do this little favor that I have asked Akhil? You have responded to so many queries patiently.

    Just open/click Episode 91 and Fast forward up to 14:35. The dialogues which I’m looking are at this time frame. Unfortunately I’m unable to understand the 5th one. Please help.

  43. Jayesh

    The episode 24 is incomplete. The part where they pray to Dharmraaj for son is not shown. Its 23 mins episode on hotstar but only 17 minutes here. Please check and let me know once updated.


  44. sampada

    Hey akhil plz help im not understanding the program
    Any other solution other dan dis…. Plzzz i want all draupadi episodes

  45. Yogesh Kumar Shukla

    A bunches of thanks to you friend.
    If possible tell me something about old Mahabharata & RAMAYANA where i can download original videos because very ow quality videos on youtube and not in sequence as you did.

  46. Deepak

    Hi Akhil,

    First of all, thanks a ton for this, I really dont have words since they have limits but this is beyond saying anything.

    Just one thing I want to clarify….I have downloaded around 100 episodes mannually.

    Is there a way I can start downloading from episode 101 automatically.

  47. Tanuj Senngupta

    Thnx for all the Mahabharat episodes, Akhil. Your unique way of using batch file programming is truly a remarkable way to save time and memory space. Also I loved all the games (Hitman,MW etc) u uploaded in piratebay under alias Averanted (maybe the wrong person bcoz I am not sure) in the same way. I truly admire your work and would love to learn the way you do it. Thnx Again for the episodes!!

  48. Sandeep

    Sir i want episode no. 32/40/48/56/64/72/80/88/96/104/112/120/128/136/144/152/160/168/176/184/192/200/208/216/224/232/240/248/256/264

  49. Yogend keQtii

    sir mujhe karn death wala episode chahiye jisme bhagwan krishna Aur karn ke beech sanwaad I mean communication hota hai

    aur vo shayad 280 episode ke antargat aata hai but mujhe vo link nhi mil raha jisse download kar saku
    plzz help me sir

  50. Jayesh

    I understand but even episode 92 is incomplete. Do you know of any contact in star media who can recheck. You’ve already done so much to help us. Please suggest how to go about further ?

  51. Yamini

    Thanx for sharing it.
    Had one doubt !
    Can’t this jar copy to our desired location? As it looks like it copies 50+ GB to C drive.
    Instead can’t it accept location as last parameter n copy files to that location? like external hard disk or other drive ?
    Thanks in advance.

  52. Yoghumisahu

    sir mujhe karn death wala episode ki talaash hai
    but vo episode yaha list se missing hai sir
    shayad episode no. 280 hai
    plzz sir vo link uplabdh karo

    thank you

  53. Hemant Kumar

    Dear Akhil,
    Congratulations first on grand success of your this page. I would like to Thank a ton for providing this links to watch my all time favorite show of Star Plus. May Lord Krishna Bless u with healthier and successful life. I was looking for all episodes at one place and voila….here i got ’em all. Thank you once again.
    Thank You 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Akhil Pathania

      Hi Hemant,

      I am glad you could enjoy the videos. These are great videos for people of any ages, we have learnt a lot while watching them and wanted to share them with like minded souls 🙂

  54. Hemant Kumar

    Dear Akhil,
    Thank You very much for these links. I was searching all internet for whole series. But at “humdono’ i got all.
    thank a Ton 🙂 🙂 🙂

  55. Neeta Popat

    Hello Dear Akhil,

    I have been absolutely overjoyed and thrilled to watch the series of Mahabharata and Devo ke Dev….. Do you know if I can get these series with English sub-titles? My daughter in law is Caucasian and keen to learn about our culture and mythologies. It would be truly awesome to
    have the same with subtitles. Any idea if I can buy the series anywhere?

    Thanks Akhil,

  56. Siddharth

    Hey Akhil,

    After entering the command, it says “Unable to access jarfile (pathname) “…..could you help me out with this?

  57. dheana

    I’m download manually…but i can’t get all episode,some episode r lost…tell me how to gets other episode for download manual,especially episode 157…
    Please respon…thx

  58. Siddharth Malakar

    Hey Akhil,

    I am having a problem with executing the command…after entering the command it say’s “Unable to access jarfile (pathname)”. I have the latest version of java installed,still the problem is persisting. Can you help me with it??

  59. Guest

    I m Using Windows 7, cant Download the above episodes, They start playing online instead of downloading when i click on them.. even -Java not working in windows cmd 🙁

    • Akhil Pathania

      You can right click on the episode link and select “Save Link As” to download it. Otherwise check if Java is installed in your system, if it is not then install it and try the steps again!

  60. Shan

    Dear Akhil

    Once the downloads have started via command prompt, and i need to shut down the computer to continue the downloads at another time, will the download resume ?

    • Akhil Pathania

      Hi Shan,

      No it wont. However, you can note down all the episodes that have been downloaded and then modify the .txt file for the download to start from where you stopped after the restart 🙂

  61. Rahul

    Hello sir,
    mere browse me epsiode 5,13,21,29,30,31,32,37,38,39,40,45,46,47,48,53,54,55,56,61,62,63,64, 69,72,77,78,79,80,85,86,87,88,93, 94,95,96,101,102,103,104 nahi (mahabharat) aate help me..

  62. Nachiketas

    I was searching online for the MB episodes for a long time. Thank you so much! Video quality is excellent. We are screening some select episodes for an elective course on the Mahabharata which we offer for students in our university.

  63. Asha

    I downloaded java and tried using the command but it’s giving me error “‘java’ is not recognised as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file”
    Please help

  64. Ashish bhushan

    Hello akhil mere mobile me har 5 episode k baad 3 episodes nhi dikhte plz help me agar aap un episodes k link comment me paste kar de. Thanking you ashish.

  65. Amit

    decompiled your code and changed C: dir to current dir using System.getProperty(“user.dir”) 😀 and done !! thanks a lot bro was looking for those 🙂

  66. dhaval patel

    brahta akhil prani pat
    thank you for sharing Mahabharat all with us
    ye ek darma ka karya kane ke liye or ye dharma ka gyan ham tak pahochane ke liye dhanyavad ……..

    jay shree krishna

  67. aniket jaunjal

    hi sir
    thank u so much i got this after very long period of effort.
    thanks a lot from the bottam of my heart ……………..

  68. Aswari

    Thank you for providing these links… ^^
    I’ve search everywhere for original audio of this tv series…
    And I just found it in your website… 😀

  69. parveen

    I am not sure what should i type in the run command. I have extracted the files in the MAHABHARAT folder and I am stuck at step 3. Can you send me exact words to type in command line.

    • Akhil Pathania

      Hi Parveen,

      Let say if you downloaded and extracted the file in C:\Users\XXXXX\Downloads folder, then df.jar file is in the C:\Users\XXXXX\Downloads\df folder, so run this command:

      C:\Users\XXXXX\Downloads\df>java -jar “C:\Users\XXXXX\Downloads\df\df.jar” “C:\Users\XXXXX\Downloads\df\DKDM.txt”

  70. Amit


    This is what I am getting. 🙁

    C:\Users\Dell>java -jar D:\TV\mahabharat\df.jar D:\TV\mahabharat\MAHABHARAT.txt
    Exception in thread “main” java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: Bad version n
    umber in .class file
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass1(Native Method)
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass(
    at Method)
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(
    at sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader.loadClass(
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClassInternal(


  71. Asha

    I have downloaded all the episodes thanks for that..but when i open any of these files by vlc player, the video plays till 39-40 secs and then hangs..this is happening for all the episodes..
    would you know what’s the problem
    Thanks again

  72. Nitul

    When I run the jar with parameter file dir , I get the following error..What is the issue? Please let me know any solution to download full episioe. And is there any way to change default direcoty to save the episode file?

    F:\Mahavarat>java -jar df.jar MAHABHARAT.txt
    Downloading File:
    File Size = 347 mb
    File Name = Episode-1.mp4
    [ ]
    ERROR Downloading


  73. Rekha

    Hi Akhil,
    Thanks a million ton for the full episodes of Mahabharat. I downloaded them all manually, except for the Episode 92. While all other episodes are 177-178MB, this one is just 87MB. Also, it plays for only 10+ min, unlike the usual 21+ min episode. Please help. 🙂

  74. Ravi

    Hey man! thanks a lot for the links 😉 I am not using your jar file, but it can be automated fairly easily with any batch file download software, eg. IDM!


  75. Avimanyu

    I noticed the links are directly from . Are these the only files present there or the higher quality versions such as 720p or 1080p are also obtainable? Please delete my first comment as it got repeated.

  76. golu

    akhil ji hamne phaile java software download kiya install kiya aur fhir hamne Mozilla Firefox khola jaise app ne step diya hai baisa kuch atta hi ni hai app bta di jiya age kaise kiya karu

  77. usha

    Hi…dear I …m big fan of Krishna n I loved…specially this Mahabharata…
    Don’t mind is it required to installed Java then upload Mahabharata ….anyway thanks lot..of I miss this … long

  78. Ritesh

    Thank akhil hame je btao ki hame all episode ak baar me download karna hai to kya karna hoga app ne jo uppar setp diya hai is ka kya matlab hai

  79. uzzal debbarma(tripura)

    krishna ki mohabarot my kors somporno hachuki hay
    may bohat donnya mohabrot deknemi
    fine mohabarot
    me bangladeshi hu

  80. Thaca

    Hi, when I followed your step it says: ERROR Downloading http:……………………
    What should I do? Btw, since my C drive is doesn’t have enough space, I used my D drive

  81. nick

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    File Size = 347 mb
    File Name = Episode-1.mp4
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    • Akhil Pathania

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