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How I lost 60 Pounds Post Pregnancy in 9 Months


I am trying to answer my best here. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and I will keep adding them to this Q&A Section.

Q: My Pre-Pregnancy, Post-Pregnancy & Current weight?

Weight Pre-Pregnancy – 120 lbs

Weight Post-Pregnancy – 182 lbs

Weight Current – 120 lbs

Q: My workout routine?

Five to six days a week. 60 minutes of cardio (2 days), 60 minutes of strength training (3 days), 1 day Yoga or Pilates.

Q: My advice?

Watch what you eat during pregnancy, more weight you put on, the more you will have to lose! I did indulge into delicious cakes and pies from time to time, I would say I had 3 carrot cakes during 9 months and fast food few times but for us fast food means we go to wholefoods or other organic restaurants and dine at their food courts. My main snacks were still hummus and cakes, lots of dates, fresh fruits, smoothies and granola bars. I do not drink sodas, alcohol etc. and stick to only water, herbal teas, coconut water, homemade smoothies and natural fruit juices. I would also advise doing 10,000 steps a day if possible. Lastly, we all know good food and exercise is what makes person healthy and fit but most important is to have that attitude. I always remember one thing in mind while getting into weight loss that it will take me only 1 month and I will be into routine. Once I complete 1 month, I say to myself that it will take me only 3 months before I and everyone will see the difference. Once I complete those 3 months, i am already in a routine and that goes a long way! So point is whichever way it motivates you, you MUST NOT give up! After all its one life and we must make most of it 🙂

Q: Favorite YouTube links?

For Body :

For Arms :

For form rolling :

For stretches:

Besides this, I followed “Beachbody on Demand” programme as they have unlimited exercises online. You can also check Gaimtv.

Q: How I calculated Calories ?


Q: What apps I used?

My fitness pal, Lose it, Weigh – in deluxe, Sattva, Fitbit.

Q: How to find quality food?

Whole foods and Trader Joe’s are our favourite place for grocery. Besides that I trust #foodbabe a lot. Follow her. She is a legend!

Q: Portion control boxes ?

Q: 21 day fix programme?

If you want to understand portion control in depth, you can also buy programme

Hope this post helps!

Tons of love, luck, health and happiness


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  1. Neeru

    Hi Arti,

    Felt good after reading your story and feeling motivated. You said you are chemical free, no detergent or shampoo, then what you use?


    • Aarti Thakur

      Hi Neeru,

      Thank you for reading my story and I hope I could make some difference. We have been using brands which offer chemical free and all natural products i.e. 7th Generation etc. And for shampoos, soaps, toothpaste we use Patanjali (Baba Ramdev) brand 🙂

      Let me know if I could help you with anything in your journey.


  2. Harpreet

    You’re such a gem , a true fighter, I’m sure many people will benefit from your inspirational weight loss journey. What I love most about you is that you carry your heart on your sleeve !
    Much love

  3. Nitu

    I loved ur blog what a beautiful period of pregnancy and as a mother u have lived ..
    I have done nothing like this
    I m a veggie so i think its little hard to loose weight
    Almost 10 months has passed i still need to loose 7 kgs

    How do u get time to do all this so passionately?

    Do u work? Or u work from

    I m working so I hardly get time to prepare healthy meal so whatsoever i find i eat

    And ur was a c-section?
    Wow thn too u lost all ur weight

    • Aarti Thakur

      Hey buddy, thank you so much for your kind words. Really mean a lot to me ??
      I am full time housewife and try to be more regular on blog but tats about it.
      In terms of meal preparation, that’s the most important step. Once you get hang of it,life willbesuper easy. All you need is just 1 hour of devotion on Sunday and you are set for rest of the week. Trust me it’s very easy and makes every mother’s life easy. YouTube “meal preparation” and “21 day fix meal plan for vegetarian” for detailed info. Once you follow this for 21 days – I am very positive you will loose remaining 7 kilos in no time.
      Yes I had c section after 27 hrs of labor. But good meal planning helped me loosing all the weight. Good luck and let me know how it goes. Please don’t hesitate to ask if I can be of any further help. Much love.

  4. Sonam Mann

    What a beautifully written Article !!! So well organised and structured .. perfectly divided into phases and am sure a lot of help to anyone and everyone who tries it !!!! ?

  5. Pooja Kumar

    Hi Aarti! This is such an informative and well put together article. I felt all the healthy diet/food choices u mentioned are great regardless of if you are trying to lose weight or just trying to follow a healthy lifestyle. It’s nice to hear from people’s personal experience. Kudos to u!


    • Aarti Thakur

      Hi Pooja, thank you for your message. I am glad you found it informative. You are right it’s all in healthy food. I strongly believe Abs are made in the kitchen. Thanks once again for your read and compliments 🙂

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