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How I lost 60 Pounds Post Pregnancy in 9 Months

Exercises I Did

While my desire was to get back in shape asap but without compromising on my health as I didn’t want to endanger milk supply for sake of fitting into my old clothes. My priority is mine and baby’s good health so below is how i planned and achieved dropping those extra kilos while staying healthy and keeping up with my milk supply.

December (1ST Month)

As Anveer was born on 9th Dec 2015, this was my training month being a first time mommy. Getting into routine of diaper change, night routine, breast feeding and recovering from my surgery etc. My plan was divided into 4 stages:

Stage 1 (January, February, March): Common known fact is that losing 30 pounds in 2-3 months is an easy game for any first time mother, and is time for continuous rest and rejuvenation. Thanks to my mother who was with me for first 4 months and helped me in every possible way. At this stage new mothers are literally as delicate as newborns, babies receive all their nourishment through us so we MUST take care of ourselves properly else it will be our precious new born who will suffer. By end of March, I was 148 pounds (42% body fat). Below is what I followed till March.


Morning: Breathing exercise (5-10 minutes of either Pranayam, Ujjayi breath or Hypopressive)

Noon: 2 rounds of 30 minute walk. I would walk in our condo hall as its too cold in Chicago. I made sure I did 10,000 steps every day (thanks to Fitbit) 🙂

Evening: Second round of walking if 10,000 steps are not yet complete

In addition, my post-partum routine included warm oil massage, extended rest hours, eating simple and digestible food (Khichdi every day as Ayurveda suggests), Fennel seed water for first 40 days, dashamoola tea, tons of veggies, lot of water. I excluded dairy for first 6 months. Please note that as a normal practice I avoid sugar and only use coconut oil or clarified butter for cooking.


Stage 2 (April, May, June): I added Mutu to my routine during this period. Mutu is a special programme for first time mothers and extremely helpful for pelvic and strengthening core. If you wish to buy, Wendy from Mutu Programme gives 50% discount usually around Christmas and around her birthday!

Evening: Breathing exercise (5 minutes of either Pranayam, Ujjayi breath or Hypopressive)

Noon: 30 minute walk + Mutu exercises

Evening: Stretches and Mutu/walk if not completed during the day


Stage 3 (July, August, September): I was stuck at 142lbs (35% body fat) for long now and this is where I needed a kick in my routine. So hardwork started. I ordered portion control boxes from Amazon and strictly followed portion control (high protein, more veggies, less carbs and good fat routine). These boxes come with little booklet which explained in detail about all possible combination of veggies/proteins/carbs/fat in details. Promise you won’t regret buying those portion control boxes and if you have some extra change and really want to understand portion control in depth, go and buy Autumn’s programme “21 Day Fix”. It is a wonderful programme but only for serious candidates 😉

Morning: Stretches + Form rolling

Noon: 2 days cardio + 3 days strength training + 1 day Yoga or Swimming (7 days routine)

Evening: Completing my work out if I missed anything during the day

Honestly speaking, I would already be very tired by 5 PM with baby’s routine, breastfeeding and house chores so anything you plan after 5 PM will really test your motivation. I would suggest everyone to plan their workout before lunch. Goes without saying that rest is extremely important with any workout. I followed “Beach Body on Demand” (free videos online) for workout. “21 Day Fix” programme also gives you 7 day workout video in a DVD which you can do from home. These are 30 minute videos (7 videos for 7 day work out). I am attaching few of my favorite YouTube links for workout.

For Body:

For Arms:

For Foam-Rolling:

For Stretches:


It took me 9 months to gain those 60 lbs and exactly 9 months to lose. Today as I complete this blog, I am glad to say I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 120 lbs. I wanted to finish this blog on 9th Sep 2016 making it exact 9 months but unfortunately it took some time putting the words together. I am currently at 28% body fat and my target is 19% by June 2017.

Stage 4 (November, December, January and Ongoing):  You can follow me on Instagram for latest updates.

Current Body Fat – 28% (December 2016)

Target Body Fat – 19% (June 2017)

This is how i am right now

This is how i am right now

Few Additional Habits

  • We have been fully organic from more than 5 years now (except when we dine out or travel)
  • We don’t use any kind of chemicals whether its laundry detergent, hair shampoo or body soap etc.
  • I consume tons of fluids including minimum 3 litre water + Red Raspberry tea + Matcha tea + Coconut water.
  • My daily smoothie includes Maca powder, Spirulina powder, Hemp seeds, Chia seeds and variety of nuts (I always rotate them on daily basis)
  • I enjoy wheat-grass shots once a week
  • I drink my green juice at least twice a week

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  1. Neeru

    Hi Arti,

    Felt good after reading your story and feeling motivated. You said you are chemical free, no detergent or shampoo, then what you use?


    • Aarti Thakur

      Hi Neeru,

      Thank you for reading my story and I hope I could make some difference. We have been using brands which offer chemical free and all natural products i.e. 7th Generation etc. And for shampoos, soaps, toothpaste we use Patanjali (Baba Ramdev) brand 🙂

      Let me know if I could help you with anything in your journey.


  2. Harpreet

    You’re such a gem , a true fighter, I’m sure many people will benefit from your inspirational weight loss journey. What I love most about you is that you carry your heart on your sleeve !
    Much love

  3. Nitu

    I loved ur blog what a beautiful period of pregnancy and as a mother u have lived ..
    I have done nothing like this
    I m a veggie so i think its little hard to loose weight
    Almost 10 months has passed i still need to loose 7 kgs

    How do u get time to do all this so passionately?

    Do u work? Or u work from

    I m working so I hardly get time to prepare healthy meal so whatsoever i find i eat

    And ur was a c-section?
    Wow thn too u lost all ur weight

    • Aarti Thakur

      Hey buddy, thank you so much for your kind words. Really mean a lot to me ??
      I am full time housewife and try to be more regular on blog but tats about it.
      In terms of meal preparation, that’s the most important step. Once you get hang of it,life willbesuper easy. All you need is just 1 hour of devotion on Sunday and you are set for rest of the week. Trust me it’s very easy and makes every mother’s life easy. YouTube “meal preparation” and “21 day fix meal plan for vegetarian” for detailed info. Once you follow this for 21 days – I am very positive you will loose remaining 7 kilos in no time.
      Yes I had c section after 27 hrs of labor. But good meal planning helped me loosing all the weight. Good luck and let me know how it goes. Please don’t hesitate to ask if I can be of any further help. Much love.

  4. Sonam Mann

    What a beautifully written Article !!! So well organised and structured .. perfectly divided into phases and am sure a lot of help to anyone and everyone who tries it !!!! ?

  5. Pooja Kumar

    Hi Aarti! This is such an informative and well put together article. I felt all the healthy diet/food choices u mentioned are great regardless of if you are trying to lose weight or just trying to follow a healthy lifestyle. It’s nice to hear from people’s personal experience. Kudos to u!


    • Aarti Thakur

      Hi Pooja, thank you for your message. I am glad you found it informative. You are right it’s all in healthy food. I strongly believe Abs are made in the kitchen. Thanks once again for your read and compliments 🙂

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