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How I lost 60 Pounds Post Pregnancy in 9 Months

Hi there, I am Aarti Thakur and want to thank you for taking time to read my weight loss story 🙂

I am not a personal trainer, health coach, health writer or nutritionist. All information I have gathered is completely from my own personal experiences, from books, YouTube and Google. I have tried various available diets (or tried to understand at-least) i.e.

  • Atkins
  • Weight Watchers
  • Paleo
  • Protein
  • Raw Food
  • Juice diet
  • Raw till 4PM
  • 80/20 etc.

My experience has taught me that a one-size-fits-all dietary approach simply does not work. We MUST explore our self, our routine, and our habits in order to find what works best for us BUT one thing is sure if we eat fruits, veggies, food cooked under certain temperature, drink lots of water with a bit of exercise, life will be much better.

I hope my story will motivate and inspire people and hopefully they can transform their lives for the better as well. You can also connect with me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for day to day updates.

Me before giving birth to Veeru

Me before giving birth to Veeru

Post Partum

I started this blog to save our travel stories and experiences but lots of my friends have been asking me to share my fitness story so I decided to write it down. Hoping this may help or inspire someone. You can read my 9 months’ pregnancy story and pictorial journey here.


I am happily married to a fabulous guy Akhil and a mommy to my lil bub Anveer. Being Punjabi, during my college days I was very content with Bhathure Cholle, Shahi Paneer and Kulcha and being super active (involved in various activities like NCC, Sports, Theater, Pistol Shooting) stayed fit and always below 49 Kilos but once I left college and moved to Delhi for a job that’s exactly when everything turned upside down and I climbed to 70 Kilos in no time. This got worse when I moved to London in 2004 and was exposed to world’s delicious multi-cultural food, yummiest bakery, and quick takeaways. Man!!! That city has the best food in the world (at least in 40+ countries)!! #personalopinion 🙂

Coming back to the topic, it was 2008 and I was still clocking 70 kilos and that too after hitting the gym almost 5 times a day and spending hours on treadmill, doing body pump, boot camp and spinning classes. All this did tone me down but failed to move weighing scale to the digits I was expecting. It was really disappointing!

Then a friend of mine suggested to get weight reduction treatment done in Prague which would set me back by EUR 2000 (as compared to EUR 7000 or more in UK). My friend really tried to sell me this idea very passionately as she was going through the same issue and wanted a partner in crime. Respect to her but my approach in life has always been more natural, holistic and organic so I decided to spend EUR 2000 on my body (personal trainer) and not on any surgery.

What Triggered the Transformation

I still remember it was 2008 May bank holiday weekend when me and my bestie were enjoying a glass of Pimm’s in Lake District. My cap fell down from the table and would you believe I did not feel like picking up that cap (was i feeling lazy?). It remained there for nearly 5 minutes and then I asked my friend to grab it for me. She quickly moved her petite body and within split seconds grabbed the cap and handed it over to me.

That was it! It was a sad eureka moment for me! It was so easy for my friend with such a tiny body to flip around, bend 180 degrees and in split second grab that cap? I was ashamed, embarrassed but mind determined to change the body I have.

That was the day and I never looked back until pregnancy. I decided to invest in a qualified Personal Trainer (James Wilson whom I met in David Lloyd’s Health Club, Heston, UK), spent nearly £ 1000 – 1200 for a year with good food, perfect technique exercises and I dropped down to 49 kilos from 70 Kilos. This was by far the best investment I ever did on myself 🙂

How I Motivated Myself

Now comes the most important part, yes how i motivated myself to keep on going! Great body is a balance between good food and exercise, but I think “Motivation” is one place where most of us fall off the wagon (I have done it myself many times in the past). Each individual has a different motivation level and different approach and based on my personal experience, I have noticed if I can stick to a routine for 1 month or minimum 21 days, I am good to go for long period where my taste buds, cravings, mind games all work the way I want. So in order to be successful for first month here is all what all I did:

  • I made a video recording myself during 9th This was affirmation to myself for staying focused and determined.
  • I set for myself a 1 year plan: From 1st Jan 2016 to 1st July2016, from 1st July 2016 to 1st Dec 2016. Plan explained below.
  • I took up 1 month at a time and pasted 30 sticky notes at Kitchen’s entrance to remind me of my challenge. I would take off 1 note off every day if i completed my routine and if not, my 30 days’ challenge would reset the very day I broke the rule.
  • I used images with motivational words as my phone wallpaper/home screen, to remind me every day about what my goal is!
  • Keep food diary and write everything what I ate. Generally, my food routine is very same when I try to lose weight. Honestly I can’t be bothered of cooking new meals every time. Food planning and Meal prep is extremely important. Once I achieve my goals I am more flexible.
  • Printed meal plan and pasted it to fridge so I don’t fall off the wagon.

Portion Control

Portion control worked for me and holds the key to my transformation, which means i still get to eat tummy full and whatever. I am attaching an image explaining what different colour boxes mean when you get the portion control boxes:


Image Courtesy: Google

Breakfast is usually overnight soaked Oats, Chia pudding or whole Wheat toast with 2 scrambled Eggs.

Lunch is Chicken with Quinoa and Spinach, Kale salad or Turkey with salad.

Dinner is Salmon/Tilapia/Mahi Mahi/Cod with Broccoli or any greens and Avocado salad.

Snacks are usually fruits, protein bars, Carrots + Hummus, Apple + Almond butter or boiled Eggs. I highly recommend adding protein in every meal and tons of greens with small portion of carbs. I have attached sample meal plan in this post, feel free to use it.

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  1. Neeru

    Hi Arti,

    Felt good after reading your story and feeling motivated. You said you are chemical free, no detergent or shampoo, then what you use?


    • Aarti Thakur

      Hi Neeru,

      Thank you for reading my story and I hope I could make some difference. We have been using brands which offer chemical free and all natural products i.e. 7th Generation etc. And for shampoos, soaps, toothpaste we use Patanjali (Baba Ramdev) brand 🙂

      Let me know if I could help you with anything in your journey.


  2. Harpreet

    You’re such a gem , a true fighter, I’m sure many people will benefit from your inspirational weight loss journey. What I love most about you is that you carry your heart on your sleeve !
    Much love

  3. Nitu

    I loved ur blog what a beautiful period of pregnancy and as a mother u have lived ..
    I have done nothing like this
    I m a veggie so i think its little hard to loose weight
    Almost 10 months has passed i still need to loose 7 kgs

    How do u get time to do all this so passionately?

    Do u work? Or u work from

    I m working so I hardly get time to prepare healthy meal so whatsoever i find i eat

    And ur was a c-section?
    Wow thn too u lost all ur weight

    • Aarti Thakur

      Hey buddy, thank you so much for your kind words. Really mean a lot to me ??
      I am full time housewife and try to be more regular on blog but tats about it.
      In terms of meal preparation, that’s the most important step. Once you get hang of it,life willbesuper easy. All you need is just 1 hour of devotion on Sunday and you are set for rest of the week. Trust me it’s very easy and makes every mother’s life easy. YouTube “meal preparation” and “21 day fix meal plan for vegetarian” for detailed info. Once you follow this for 21 days – I am very positive you will loose remaining 7 kilos in no time.
      Yes I had c section after 27 hrs of labor. But good meal planning helped me loosing all the weight. Good luck and let me know how it goes. Please don’t hesitate to ask if I can be of any further help. Much love.

  4. Sonam Mann

    What a beautifully written Article !!! So well organised and structured .. perfectly divided into phases and am sure a lot of help to anyone and everyone who tries it !!!! ?

  5. Pooja Kumar

    Hi Aarti! This is such an informative and well put together article. I felt all the healthy diet/food choices u mentioned are great regardless of if you are trying to lose weight or just trying to follow a healthy lifestyle. It’s nice to hear from people’s personal experience. Kudos to u!


    • Aarti Thakur

      Hi Pooja, thank you for your message. I am glad you found it informative. You are right it’s all in healthy food. I strongly believe Abs are made in the kitchen. Thanks once again for your read and compliments 🙂

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