I Know How It Feels…

Dedicated To The Three Most Beautiful Ladies In My Life

When the first ray of sunlight,
Falls on the dew drop, making it bright,
Making it sparkle in sweet delight,
I know how it feels.

When the drop of rain,
Embraces beloved earth, burning in pain,
Quenching the extended arms without any restrain,
I know how it feels.

When towards the burning light, moths fly,
Knowing the fact that they will burn and die,
Nothing stops them nor makes them cry,
I know how it feels.

When you trouble your love and end up cryin,
All you want to do is shout and whine,
Mere thought of separation makes chill run down the spine,
I know how it feels.

When one’s mere presence makes everything so beautiful,
Time gets wings and life becomes so meaningful,
Sleepless nights so exciting, and Bye-Bye’s so sorrowful,
I know how it feels.

When you push your love and make relation crumb,
When heart breaks and the mind goes numb,
You curse yourself for being such a dumb,
I know how it feels.

When you realize that this is what you always wanted,
Seems like finally your wish was granted,
But one who is born unlucky, finally gets tormented,
I know how it feels.

When you find the princess; for the castle deep inside,
Give your love everything, keeping all else beside,
Hell breaks lose, but you don’t run or hide,
I know how it feels.

When your love is hurt and deeply disgusted,
For all your actions that could had been adjusted,
When she gives up on you, and in her eyes you see your life busted,
I know how it feels.

Love is strange and love is tall,
Life is too short to fight on things petty and small,
Learned that “Lose in Love, but not lose Love at all”,
I know how it feels.

Life without you is like a fire bed,
Although I will be breathing but as good as dead,
You my love are so special and losing you I dread,

And  I don’t want to know how it feels.

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