DIY – Wedding Make Up

As the wedding season approaches in India and I see my friends updating their FB status with their wedding shopping pictures, my memory takes me back to my special day. It is going to be 4 beautiful years in few months for us but it is always a delight to see wedding pictures and cherish those memories.

Since I was in London at that time and could only take a month time off for my wedding, it was all up to me to arrange my dress, makeup artist and book honeymoon. Being a travel agent honeymoon was sorted well before time (offcourse), dress responsibility was my sister’s job as she is a fashion designer in Delhi and then I had to sort out my makeup.

Our marriage was in Palampur which is a very small town near Dharamshala (Himachal Pradesh) and from day One, I was very clear that I will be doing my own wedding make up. God knows where I got the courage from but I feel better when I do things myself J. And now when I think about it I actually do not know any friend who has done her own wedding make up especially an Indian friend. We Indians, we tend to look more vibrant with belly bearing blouses, red bright dresses, bold statement jewellery and stunning accessories and in order to compliment such an eye catching look, we also carry heavy makeup! Hence 99% of Indian women get their wedding make up done by special trained wedding makeup artists but that was not true in my case.

I was very happy on my big day by doing my own make up as that’s exactly what I wanted but would like to mention few thing which I could have avoided. This may be helpful for some readers:

  • I had endless cousin/friends/guests popping into my room just to see how I am doing my makeup which was very annoying and I still remember I did upset few of my friends when I asked them to leave the room. You MUST do your own make up with in your comfort zone else too much crowd around you can be stressful. Forgive me if I sound rude and selfish but come on guys it’s my big day and last thing I want to take is stress!
  • By mistake I forgot to buy golden eye shadow in London which was part of my makeup shopping list and had to buy last minute in local shop and ended up using local brand among all good brand make up products which ruined my eye makeup but thankfully I knew few tricks how to work on last minute make up mistakes which was a life saver. So point here is don’t risk on your wedding day with unknown brands or doing experiments.

Last but most important, a massive thanks to Zukreat who was extremely helpful, a great teacher, endlessly supportive and a super passionate makeup artist. When I found her makeup channel online, I emailed her asking if she can help me learn wedding make up as I would really like to do my own make up. Honestly speaking, I was not hoping her reply as I know there are tons of you tube makeup artists and why would they teach me for free and help me when they can make good amount of money for 1 hour make up class but I was wrong and I got shocked when Zukreat replied back to me saying she would be happy to help me and I can choose a day, bring my makeup and she will teach me. How amazing is that!

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