Devon Ke Dev Mahadev – All Episodes [1 – 820]

I have been an ardent fan of “Devon Ke Dev Mahadev” ever since i saw the first Episode on Life Ok Channel. I tried to catch each and every episode from time to time but after Mahadev & Parvati Mata’s wedding and they having kids, i just lost track.

Until recently i started looking for all the episodes once again, it is a must have item if you love collecting digital media. Finding HD links and downloading all the episodes was a not-so-simple process, and knowing how beneficial it can be watching and learning from the greatness of Mahadev, i am listing all HD episodes here and a java program using which you can download all episodes in a single click 😉

Here is a tutorial video to help you download the episodes (if video does not show up then click here):

If you still have doubts, you can use the steps below:

Step 1: Download file. Once downloaded extract it to get df.jar, DKDM.txt file.


Find the exact path for the JAR & TXT files. Ex:

In Windows:
JAR-FILE = C:\users\public\Downloads\df\df.jar
TXT-FILE = C:\users\public\Downloads\df\DKDM.TXT

In Linux/Mac:
JAR-FILE = /home/usr/df/df.jar
TXT-FILE = /home/usr/df/DKDM.TXT

Step 2: Find out the complete path for the folder where you want to save the downloaded files. Ex:

In Windows:

In Linux/Mac:


Step 3: Enter DOS prompt from START MENU or in Windows (SHIFT + Right Mouse Click) (see snapshot below), if on Linux/Mac (CTRL + ALT + T) then start Terminal.


Type the following command and press enter to start the download process for all 267 Episodes:



If you want to download only one Episode i.e. Episode 10, then try this command:


If you want to down a range of Episodes i.e. Episode 200 to Episode 250, then try this command:



Download Size ~ 150+ GB

NOTE: Manual links removed on Life Ok’s Complaint.

Disclaimer: None of the video are hosted by me, i have simply collect URL’s for all videos available on the public domain and presented on this page. I am not responsible for the content and quality of these videos. Thanks.

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  1. Rahul

    Nice work dude! I love this series and had been hunting around for the newer episodes. I know subtitles would’ve helped but I guess those come only with the DVD set which is out only for Season 1. Anyways, thanks for compiling this list and providing a convenient app for auto download (you may also want to consider torrent?). Cheers.

  2. Pragnya

    Thanks man for this.. I was desperately looking for all the series. Good work.. 🙂
    And I have some doubts regarding the download through your jar file.
    1. How can we pause our download in between and then start over from where we left.
    2. And can we not able to specify any other directory for download apart from C: ? If yes, then how. (I hope C:\MAHADEV is the default download directory as per your jar file)

    • Akhil Pathania

      Hi Pragnya. Thanks for your kind words buddy 🙂

      1. You cant pause and restart. However, if you cancel the download in between you might be able to download the remaining files alone by deleting already downloaded files from the .txt file and then run the .jar file.
      2. No, you wont be able to change the download folder 🙁

      Om Namah Shivaye 🙂

    • Akhil Pathania

      Hi Parmod,

      Use the small software i have written and attached in the post. Using this you will not have to download all files manually, it will automatically download all the files in one folder.

  3. mohit

    hi akhil,
    i am downloading all episodes using IDM but facing one issue.
    file name says some different episode number (for example lf_1000_824) and description says some different episode number(for this file episode 12),which one to follow, please help.

    if description needs to be followed, how can i update file names with description automatically using IDM, please help

    • Akhil Pathania

      Hi Mohit,

      Problem with directly downloading the files is that you cannot make sure which episode it is until you are downloading them in order one by one. All the files that you download have the same name, so when you use IDM it starts suffixing these files with _1, _2 and so on. So, basically file with _824 is the 825th file that IDM has downloaded and not Episode number 824. Thats the reason i had to write the java code, i would suggest use the software 🙂

  4. vaibhav

    i acknowlwdgw your work buti request you to help me in downloading
    the problem is i cant get steps written by you

    i ve downloaded the zip file
    extracted .jar n .txt file from it
    created c:/mahadev folder

    now what to do i cant get it.
    how to execute .jar file? what to type in dos?
    i request to explain me again

    thank you

    • Akhil Pathania

      Hi Vaibhav,

      You will have to copy paste the following command in your Start > Run

      java -jar C:\”Folder Where You Extracted The File”\df.jar C:\”Folder Where You Extracted The File”\DKDM.txt

      Replace “Folder Where You Extracted The File” with the actual path where you saved the df.jar file

      • Deepak Kale

        Hello sir, I tried to do it but I aariving some difficulties. It is showing error like path you specified cannot be found. Please tell me with an example. upto downloading process. Thank you…

        • Akhil Pathania

          Hi Deepak,

          Share the location where the df.jar file is and the folder where you want to download the video files (if the folder does not exist then create the folder), and the command that you are typing and i should be able to help 🙂

          • Akhil Pathania

            Hi Amith,

            Extract the ZIP file and please share the following info:
            1. Location where you have extracted the JAR file
            2. Command you are trying to execute
            3. ERROR you are getting

            For faster response hit me up on FB

  5. Rishav Singh

    I am trying to download it on MAC. But i am not able to follow what you have instructed. Can you please elaborate it for MAC.


    how to install java pl send send site to download java & how to download devon ke dev mahadev in all episodes , pl send mail,

    devon ke dev mahadev all episodes pl sen torrents

  7. prateek

    Thanks Akhil for the effort. I was looking for this series for last 2 years as i lost track long ago. my wife and kids will be very happy to watch it again.
    I just need one help. how can i download it. As I am not able to download the entire series if you can explain in simple terms it will be great.

      • Nick Tailor

        Hey Akhil,

        Thank you for the java script to download the shows. My mother been hounding me to get this for her.

        Your text file is using http links. Would it not be easier to setup a webserver with a .htaccess file that list all the files in a directory?
        and have a wget script or http downloader do the rest? Much easier for people? Or an ftpsite link? Just a thought.

        Anyway. My downloads stopped at 440. I edited the text file and removed the lines up until 440 and attempted to restart the download, however it continues to error starting download and keep incrementing the same error there after on each download?

        Seems like an error on your side maybe?

        Any suggestions?


        • Akhil Pathania

          Hi Nick,

          The links will not work directly and you will have to use the JAR file to download all. You can restart the download by using the original command and adding 441-820 in the end after a blank space and it will start from 441. Let me know if you still face any issues!

  8. Chetan Kumar

    Hi Akhil,

    Thanks a zillion for your hard work to put all pieces of Mahadev, but I have a problem with your java. Could you please help me here??

    D:\Users\alchetan\Downloads\df>java -jar D:\Users\alchetan\Downloads\df\df.jar D:\Users\alchetan\Downloads\df\DKDM.txt
    Downloading File:
    ERROR Downloading

  9. Bakul Dalal

    Thanks so very much. I was introduced to this TV series by my dentist last week, while cleaning my teeth! I watched an episode on Youtube andwas mesmerized. Very well produced, directed, acted, story line, tight editing, music, dialog (largely Sanskrut based Hindi, which I love). It has made a believer out of me (an atheist).

    I could not use your program to download the series en masse (may be send me the screenshots, like you did for the other fella), so have spent hours downloading episode by episode (300 done so far). The link “with subtitles” does not seem to work so I can not ask my children to see it, although I would have loved to.

    I will probably buy the DVD set for my children, which is only part of the series, unfortunately. The wikipedia page for this series says a 55 DVD set is out, but I could not find it.

    In any case, thank you thank you thank you for the higher resolution files. If you can send me the dropbox link of something similar, it will make my task considerably similar.

    PS: Is Pathania a common last name? I have a friend Anand Pathania in Kuwait. Used to be my colleague at the PGI in Chandigadh in the 70’s.

    Bakul Dalal, Vancouver, Canada

    • Akhil Pathania

      Hi Bakul,

      You are welcome my friend. Screenshots are already there in the description, please follow them to download all at once. I cannot send you a link to dropbox because then i will be violating copyright 😐

      Yes, Pathania is last name but i would not say as common 😉

  10. Vipul

    Hello sir
    Thanks to all Mahabharat Episode I sourcing last year.
    I have 1 to 150 episode but after all I can’t download .

    Thanks to you .sir.

    Today I just 1 try

  11. Reena Singh

    Thank you Akhil for making this possible for all of us to be able to see both the Mahadev series and the Mahabharat series. May the lord bless you in abundance!! Reena.

  12. Chintan Patel

    Awesome Work…

    i am not able to download Videos through command which you given in my WIN 10 PC.
    Can you help me?

    Now i am able to watch online and its awesome..Thanks a lot..

  13. Raghavendra

    Hi Akhil,
    great work Bro. I was searching for this series from 1 yr . I will suspend Game of Thrones and start this series from today:)
    Really apreciate your great work

  14. Sandeep Garg

    Thankyou So much…Akhil…..

    I really appreciate your work ….u really did a great job……..I was looking for this since very long time…u help me to get all these….I wish mahadev bless you and full fill all your dreams and wishes.
    now I have downloaded all the episodes..

    Thanks alot,.!!!

    Please mail me..if u need any kind of favor…I am always here for you…

  15. Ram Kurpad

    Thank you, kindly. Akhil.

    I just needed episodes 746 till 820 as the ones I had saved would not play very well because of sync problems between audio/video. I now have the full set and they all play without any distortion.

    With best regards

  16. prasanta shyam

    could you mention, what is the total size of your 820 episodes So that i can estimate my cost of downloading. and thanks for the series.

  17. Dipendra Kumar Ayer

    Hello ! I love watching full episodes of mahadev rather than the dvd episodes because those are incomplete. I appreciate your compilation of the links but if you don’t mind , would you please give me some idea to change the HD quality episode links to 360P mp4 video link or do you have compilation of such links. It takes too much time and space on hard drive to download. Please Reply soon. I tried to it didn’t work.

  18. Dipendra Kumar Ayer

    Hi ! It is a great job putting together all the HD episodes of Devon Ke Dev Mahadev. If you don’t mind, can you provide the links for 360P episodes please. It will take less time to download and also half the space in harddrive and good for watching in laptop. I am from Nepal.

  19. Raj Deshpande

    Hi Akhil – I get the following error when trying to run the cmd. no other details shared and it stops. thanks for the help

    C:\Users\Temburni\Downloads\df>java -jar “C:\Users\Temburni\Downloads\df\df.jar” “C:\Users\Temburni\Downloads\df\DKDM.txt”
    Downloading File:
    File Size = 411 mb
    File Name = Episode-1.mp4
    [ ]
    ERROR Downloading

  20. Sagar swani

    HI , thx a million for the episodes i was searching for the past year, i have ep 1-425, could u plz help me downloading the rest.. can i courier u a hard disk and u can copy and paste me the remainin episodes?? i am not able to download the rest episodes. Pls contact me whenever u free ( Sagar Swani +91-8055250550,


    hi Sir u Done Great Job one small Doubt these video are 720p quality video are not
    .. Thn Hw to download these video plz clarify my doudt sir……
    hara hara mahadevaki

  22. Anil

    Bro, Thanks for the Videos. Can you please put subtitles in English as south Indians are not fluent in Hindi. I can understand Hindi to certain extent but sometimes i misinterpret. Could you please upload subtitles?

  23. hari krishna modi

    thanks man I appreciate everything you did.
    Just one suggestion: The DOS link is missing with [” ” ], so i guess many people are having trouble. because they are just copying and pasting the link but forget to make with screen shot.
    java -jar “C:\\df.jar” “C:\\DKDM.txt”

  24. pramod

    lovedit.thanks alot.u dont even know what u brought to me.i love mahadev n mahadev serial too.i’m mahadev’s vakt so thank u to bring it all to me n all mahadevs devotees.

  25. Pt. Bhanu Pratap Gaur

    Dharavahik Devon Ke Dev Mahadev Serial Ke Sabhi Episods Ko Apne Jo Internet Ke Madhyam Se Sabhi Logon Tak Pahuchaya H, Hum Uska Abhar Vyakt Karte H, Bahut Bahut Dhanyawad Akhil Ji, Iswar Apko Hamesa Khush Rakhe.
    Om Namah Shivaya

  26. Chetan

    Dear akhil,
    you did grt job with uploading this serials all episodes with HD…..
    I am too happy from downloading this serial…
    thank you buddy…

  27. Diya

    Thank you very much, Sir. Thanks a lot. Now, for me, it’s time to stop searching for my favorite show “Devon ke Dev Mahadev” in other websites.

    I am very very happy to download my favorite show, that too each and every episode. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

    If not I would have madly searching……… searching………. searching…… Thank GOD & thank you.

  28. Diya Bhatt

    Thank you very much. Now, I can stop my searching. I can save my time. Till now I cried for this show. But now because of you, Sir, I can save my time & Concentrate on my studies. Thank God & thank you.


    Hi Akhil when I run the command, it says : ” ‘java-jar’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.” Plz help…….


    OK…sorry I have got it there is space between java and – .thanks, it is working now……actually I want to download If_300.mp4 (which I have downloaded from DKDM fan website) instead of if_1000.mp4 as they occupy less space and fine for me. Plz tell me how can I do that in one click….

  31. Rohit

    I am not able to do the download can you help, i user the link which you gave and user the same format, but it is not identifying Java- Jar
    Please advise

  32. Vijay

    You are genius..Thanks for providing all episodes of Mahadev.
    I am downloading manually by the episodes above you provided. But in that some episodes are missing means after 4 there is 9.I would like to ask about such middle episodes?. Do u have them.
    Please reply me.Thank you.

  33. Dev.D

    I am feeling blessed after finding this link. I’ve been looking for these episodes fir a long time. After the episodes were removed from their Star player, they moved it to a low resolution format which is entirely crap. This download link is top notch. Many thanks to you for this really commendable job.

  34. J.M.Sarma

    Dear Mr.Akhil,

    It is really wonderful job. I have just followed your instructions and I am not able to download. My laptop OS is Win10. I am getting following error message. Can you help me. ‘1’ is downloaded directory of df.jar and DKDM.txt
    c:\Mahadev>java -jar C:\1\df.jar C:\1\DKDM.txt
    Exception in thread “main” java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: com/dimtoo/misc/DownloadFile : Unsupported major.minor version 51.0
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass1(Native Method)
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClassCond(Unknown Source)
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass(Unknown Source)
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at$000(Unknown Source)
    at$ Source)
    at Method)
    at Source)
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
    at sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
    Could not find the main class: com.dimtoo.misc.DownloadFile. Program will exit.

  35. Raja gopal

    why can’t i open star tv, and when i try to open it says that ”’Unfortunately, we aren’t accessible in your region. We would love to hear from you, Please send us your feedback / suggestions to ”’. is there any solution for this ohter than hotstar. please help me.

  36. Sunil Kapoor

    I have Windows 8.1 and there is no ‘Start…run’ prompt. How do I download the Mahadev TV shows? I have downloaded the zip file and have the txt file.

  37. Rajasekhar

    yes you can pause,but not by above method instead Import DKDM.txt file from IDM.
    1.Download above file and extract DKDM.txt file.

  38. Praveen Jonwal

    Plz.. provide me…star plus serial “Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi – मेरी आशिकी तुम से ही ” all episode if you have.
    otherwise provide other site links whatever you have relater to this series.plz

  39. Sunil KapooK

    Hi akhil,

    I downloaded the zip file. I have windows 8.1. Where do I do the ‘Run’ command to get all the shows on my folder of C: Mahadev?

  40. Tandy

    Hi Akhil,

    Not sure how can I thank you for this…Probably if we ever meet, will give you a big hug to say a big thanks for this…I have been looking for these episodes for ages but as only Season 1 is out on DVD, could not find anything after Lord Shiva Wedding…Once again, much appreciated what you have done…Good things will come your way…

    But, I am one of these unluckiest persons who could not download without an error…after a while in adjusting codes etc. it started to download BUT the very first download came up with an error (Error Downloading I really hope you will help on this as I don’t want to miss this. If you have a video of instructions, please let me know.

    Thanks again, Tandy

    • Akhil Pathania

      Hi Tandy,

      Appreciate your kind words buddy and a hug is always welcome. This error could be because of internet connection. Try entering this URL directly in your address bar and if you see a video then try the instructions again and it should work.

      If it does not, drop me a line and i will help you out 🙂

  41. Heena

    Wow! everyone seems to be having a know-how except me. can u pl help a dummy with mac OS X 10.6.8 how to step by step download DKDM. And also if i can download straight onto an external hard drive, as i hv only 35 gb free space on my mac.

    • Akhil Pathania

      Hi Heena,

      This .JAR will not help downloading on a MAC or to an external device. JAR needs to be modified to do that, someone in the comments did that and posted a solution. I would suggest browsing through the comments. If you dont find it, i will try and post a MAC solution as well.

  42. Heena

    cant really figure out how to download on a mac OS X 10.6.8 Tried and it says cant access jar file. besides, there is no “c” drive on mac. can u guide! can i download straight on external drive? only 35 gb free space on my mac.

    • Akhil Pathania

      Hi Heena,

      This .JAR will not help downloading on a MAC or to an external device. JAR needs to be modified to do that, someone in the comments did that and posted a solution. I would suggest browsing through the comments. If you dont find it, i will try and post a MAC solution as well.

  43. Sunil Kapoor


    Sorry to bug you again. You are really making many people happy. You are nice to reply to each one of us.

    I downloaded the zip file -unzipped it and created the folder in my C drive -Mahadev which now has the 2 files -df and DKDM
    I also updated my JAVA – on my Google chrome – it says -all plug ins will not work, but plugins will work on Internet explorer.

    Then I tried the following commands in my windows 8.1:
    From start -Clicked on Run -the ‘C’ prompt comes up.
    The small windows says -Open -‘cmd’ (already written there)
    I click ‘OK’ – the Dos prompt opens up – c:\users\kapoor>

    Now from here, can you send me the exact command to use after this. So once I download, can I see the shows without internet since I will be travelling?

    Thanks once gain,

    Sunil Kapoor

  44. Paramatma

    Hi there! thx so much for sharing these!!!!

    Do you have any idea where i could find someone to create English subtitles for the episodes after November 2012? There is great demand for showing them in Yoga centres and I would be glad to even discuss a fee for making this happen… THXXXX

    • Akhil Pathania

      Hi Paramatma,

      You are welcome. 1 do not have access to english subtitles, however since you are willing to shell out some money, i would suggest buying the DVD pack from amazon as it will have subtitles as well 🙂

  45. Jocelyn

    Hey, I finally got the command part to work, then it stated that there is an error in downloading the file? It shows the file, file size, file name, downloading and then error with the link of the video. How can I fix this? Thanks btw!

  46. Abhi

    Hi Akhil — Thanks for posting Mahadev and Mahabharat episodes on your site. You’ve done a great work. I’m currently catching up on Mahadev. I wanted to stop by and show my appreciation for your great work. If there are any other serials like Mahabharat or MahaDev, please post their episodes on your site as well.

  47. Chaaya

    Hi Akhil,
    Step 3 is not working for me. Wondering what else needs to be done. I have Windows 7; downloaded Java’s latest version. When I copy and paste java -jar C:\Mahadev\df.jar C:\Mahadev\DKDM.txt It shows the Error: Unable to access jarfile C:\Mahadev\df .jar

    Please help me. Thanks

  48. Jay Arora

    Hi Akhil,

    I cannot make it work! My system keeps saying ‘java’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,. I am not sure what I am doing wrong..

  49. shiv

    Akhil, I appreciate your time and thanks for posting this. I download all this episodes by following your instructions and it worked. Once again thank you so much.

  50. Aditya

    Good work Bro.
    Nice work
    I want a mahakali avatar or batuk avatar
    And many special episode telling me number
    Of episode
    Please tell
    I not all episode download
    I want all special episode download so please help me

    All number

  51. Prakash

    Although words cannot fully appreciate your efforts for posting this episodes, THANK YOU. Wishing you safe and happy humdono adventures…

  52. Pardeep Janghu

    Thanks Sir, Very good site. I also tried through java -jar……… but i didn’t get good speed. Then I downloaded full all episodes of MAHABHARAT and MAHADEV manually through IDM. thanks sir.. now watched mahabharat , enjoying mahadev….

  53. JHANVI

    Hi Akhil,

    Thank you for all the episodes of Mahadev. I did exactly as you have indicated. However it is taking a long time to download and so far for the last 1 hour only the first episode has downloaded. I have connected my computer directly to the router and still it only shows the first episode. Am I doing something wrong? How long does each episode take to download?

    I also tried to download individual episodes manually but they don’t download either.

    Please help.

    Thanks once again.


  54. Paramatma

    i already have that pack and the problem is that after this 10dvd pack there are no other english subtitles….neither to buy nor to download from somewhere….i am interested in these….do you have any idea where can i find them?

  55. Joe

    This is fantastic, Thank you Akhil !!!!

    How long do you plan on keeping this available for download? Reason I ask is because I have monthly bandwidth limits and so will take me a long time to get it all.

    • Akhil Pathania

      Hi Joe,

      You are welcome. These files are directly sourced from the Star Plus server, so as long as they keep it there, you should be able to download. Its been quite many months, so i guess you should be good 🙂

  56. bageshri

    thank you so very much!

    i’m receiving this error when i try running the program, would greatly appreciate your help as my Mum adores this show.

    I’m entering this command in CMD:
    java -jar C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\df\df.jar C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\df\DKDM.txt

    and i’m receiving this error in response:
    ‘java’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file

    best wishes!

  57. Shyam

    Hi Akhil,

    I want to Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am in New Zealand and I couldn’t find DKDM full epsidoes series anywhere. I am not able to download through DOS but am downloading manually, but its OK as far as I got all the episodes. Thank you very much again.

    Shyam Shukla

  58. Srishti

    I am unable to download mahadev all episodes at once i follow the prodecure that you explain above i am using windows7 so, please kindly help in downloading the file at once step by step please.
    thanking you

  59. Raj

    Dear Akhil – It seems that a lot of people have been helped by your work. My problem is that I do not have enough space left on my C: so I have to rely on my external hard drive (E:) which has 2 or 3 times space than needed 150 GB. Can you please modify your process (for downloading all 820 episodes in one shot) for using an external hard drive? Your help will be greatly appreciated. Om Namah Shivaya!

  60. ajay

    my friend ,a very hearty Thank You
    for the time ,effort and patient that allowed you to find and gift us with ‘Mahadev’
    just as we have been touched by every episode and its words of wisdom i hope our blessing touch you in the same heart felt way

  61. Chat

    Thanks a lot Akhil for the good share…& personal touch to the resolution of every query
    Please let us know if there are plans for krishna of star & Mahakumbh of life OK
    Thanks in advance bro!!!

  62. Sunny

    There is a way to download all episodes with IDM.
    Tasks-> batch download
    From: 1 to 820

    Check “first file” “second file” and “last file” links.
    Click OK
    On next window u will see “download from” and “save to” columns.
    Just check randomly if they sync. check last digit before”.mp4″

    Now, replace “lf_1000*.mp4” in the bottom right corner text field with “Episode-*.mp4”
    Now again check “download from” and “save to” columns.

    Click OK and your are good to go :D.

  63. Dinesh Chandar


    Its a Great Service..ur Doing..Great..jai Ho… I am from Malaysai KL..Feeling Great..service by u..

    But missing ur Manual Links…Kindly update with some new links or options.. It will be Helpful..

  64. Tarun Chauhan

    hi bro, where all the episodes have gone? 2 days back i was downloading manually each episode, but today no episodes?
    Can you please tell me where i can download these episodes in HD?

  65. kumud

    i m downloading one by one episode of this by idm but now all the episodes are not displaying here…..pljjj do it as it was earlier because i have downloaded upto 600 episodes

  66. Shyam


    I just saw that Manual link got removed. Can u please help me how to download from your DOS prompt link. I got windows 8 and I don’t know how to download it automatically all together. I had already got 20 episodes and am still doing it but unfortunately Manual link is removed. Can you please help me for the remaining episodes? Thank you very much.

  67. mohit

    Thanks for this collection I love mahadev episode but some time due to same name complications arises with downloading this if you can solve this problem I be your obolise

  68. Bharat

    Hi Akhil,
    ThanQ very much for uploading all the seasons. But my problem is I don’t have 150 GB free space in my C-drive. I have enough space in E-drive. How can I change my download location?
    Please specify the required syntax.

    Thanx in advance.

  69. Bharat

    Also, I already downloaded 425 episodes from torrent downloads. Is there any way specify only those files which I want to download.

  70. Mili

    Hi Akhil,

    Can you please add the manual links again? I was really getting into the show. I have downloaded and watched up to 150 episodes

  71. Anshul

    Hi Akhil,

    Thanks for sharing the process and files for this series. I would appreciate if you could help me in executing/downloading this link through DOS Prompt. I have an error coming in the Command prompt of “Exception in thread”main”java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: com/dimtoo/misc/DownloadFile:Unsupported major.minor version 51.0” At the end it summarizes “Could not find the main class: com.dimtoo.misc.downloadfile. Program will exit.
    Please comment on this error.


  72. Paddy

    Hi ,

    I would like to know where I can get to watch Devon ke dev mahadev all episodes.Suddenly you closed.Any way you can send me as zipped files of all episodes.

    thank you,

  73. Haridas

    hi Akhil
    i have seen 320 episodes i want to download other episodes plz help me …. your link has been removed by life ok can you suggest me any other option for remaining episodes

  74. Dev.D

    Hi Akhil,

    My thanks to you for putting these episodes. First I couldn’t download the episodes using the program. I ran out of time as I began downloading one by one. I managed to reach 200th episodes when I found the link removed. Can you please help me download the remaining? I am saddened by this development. DKDMahadev is an inspiration.

  75. Janardhana M S

    please sir put those videos of mahadev. i have downloaded till 180 videos of mahadev i want download full 820 videos so plz put those videos sir or told me download another option. in u tube not full videos of mahadev serial present thats why sir

  76. chidambari

    Hi akhil,
    My plenty of thanks to you for putting these episodes. I couldn’t download the episodes using the program. but I was downloading manually one by one, and I managed to reach some episodes but today when I found the link removed. Can you please help me download the remaining? I am saddened by this development.
    Mr. Akhil….If is there any way specify only those files which I want to download for my Mother. Please Akhil…..I waiting for that …plz…plz…

  77. Meenakshisundram

    Hi Akhil,

    My name meenakshi sundarm from tamil nadu.I want download tamil version of mahadev episode.Guide me how to get the same from hot star.

  78. Meenakshisundram

    Please guide me how to get the video links from the server.I want to adopt the same to download tamil version serials.

  79. anand


    I am not able to download the whole file with all the episodes using the directions you specified. I am downloading on Windows 10 and on the cmd it says ‘java’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. Is there another to do this? Thanks!

  80. surya

    u have done a great job.
    as I began downloading one by one. managed to reach few episodes when I found the link removed. Can you please help me to download the remaining?
    Eagerly waiting…………….

  81. nilesh

    Hi Akhil,

    Excellent work. You are genius. I was struggling to find episode 600 onward. You have made it very simple to download and the best part is that all episodes are in one place.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this files.

  82. Guru


    Why am i getting this error, am i doing something wrong ?

    Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.10586]
    (c) 2015 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    C:\Users\GK>java -jar “G:\Mahadev\df\df.jar” “G:\Mahadev\df\DKDM.txt”
    Downloading File:
    File Size = 411 mb
    File Name = Episode-1.mp4
    [ ]
    ERROR Downloading

  83. Mukesh

    Hello there i am huge fan of this show and i have almost watched all the episodes on TV, and from the long time i was looking for this shows thank you sir for providing this and for those who are WORRIED about manual links you can still download it manually.
    just copy the episode link from .txt file and paste it into link box and hit enter.
    You can now manually download all the files..BETTER use IDM for Downloads..

  84. chidambari

    Hi akhil,

    My plenty of thanks to you for putting these episodes. I couldn’t download the episodes using the program. But I was downloading manually one by one, and I managed to reach 500 episodes now I found the link removed. Can you please help me download the remaining? I am saddened by this development.
    Mr. Akhil….If is there any way specify only those files which I want to download for my Mother. Please Akhil…..I waiting for that …plz…plz…plz.

  85. Pooja

    I am a big fan of mahadev… But suddenly all the links have been removed… sir plzz upload it so that i can complete my series…

  86. Prashanth S

    Hello Akhil Sir,

    i am hard core fan of Mahadev serial.
    i have see 155 episodes and would like to watch remaining.
    but i came to know that you have removed the link. please help to share me the down load links.

  87. krishna patel

    Hey y u remove an episode from humdono web site.?? I love that serial most nd I need to download it plsss do some thing I need an episode

  88. ketan

    Hi bro…
    Me devo ke dev mahadev ke 1 by 1 episodes download kar rha tha or abtak mene 45 episode download kiye the lekin aaj mene ye page khola to 1 by 1 episodes ki link nhi thi….why ? & mere paas pc ya leptop nhi he so pls muje mobile me download ho sake yesi site ya link dijiye pls pls pls bro…..

  89. patel krishna

    Hey I love serial mr.akhil pathania plzzz I need all episode do something..y u have removed all episode from humdono link..I need very much plzzzz rip me how can I …

  90. Shyam


    I would like to know that if we download through DOS prompt then is it possible to download like 10-20 episodes every time and not all together in one go?

    • Akhil Pathania

      Hi Shyam,

      You can do that, when you run the JAVA program, it downloads all the episodes listed in the .txt file. If you keep only the episodes that you want to download in that .txt file then you can achieve what you have mentioned 🙂

      • Shyam

        Hi Akhil,

        Would like to inform you that am not an IT guy so I don’t know much about Java and stuff so can you please help me to download 10-15 episodes everyday till I get all the episodes or can you show me any alternative please.
        Thank you very much.

        • Akhil Pathania

          Hi Shyam,

          I have uploaded a new ZIP file, follow instructions and you will be able to download all episodes, a particular episode or episodes within a range 🙂

          To check if JAVA is installed in your system, just google and you will get plenty of tutorials and videos. Once you have made sure you have JAVA, just follow instructions and you will be able to download episodes. If you face any issues, feel free to reach out.

  91. Prasanta Shyam

    Hi Akhil, I had downloaded upto 522 of 820 episodes after that i’m unable to download the rest of my episodes. Suggest me so that i could download the rest of the episodes. Thanks.

  92. Sonika

    Hi Akhil,

    Thanks a lot for this wonderful work that you have done. I am so grateful to you. I was desperately looking for these episodes of Mahadev and Mahabharat. I had not seen these programs from one-and -half year and I had always in my mind that I have to watch them… I have to watch them.. And finally I found this useful resource. Thanks for putting an effort to preserving and spreading most valuable treasures of knowledge to people.
    Good job. God bless you.


  93. Rohit

    Hi AKHIL
    I Downloaded all the episode from above link 2-3 months back.. but is all the episode in series wise ?? because when i start watching … its seems episode are in not serial wise.. if its true how can i arrange all episode in serial wise

    • Akhil Pathania

      Hi Rohit,

      If you download using the automatic method then the program arranges all episodes in order. But if you download it manually, then you need to keep track of which episode you are downloading!

      • Raj

        Hi! Akhil
        Thanks a bunch for this wonderful job you did, with this show. But unfortunately i am not able to download episodes from 693 any more. i am getting this below message instead. i dont know if my my message is reaching you or not. Please help me. I just want to know if i will be able to download these episodes or not any more. thanks for your help in advance.

        An error occurred while processing your request.

        Reference #199.84e1ab42.1454458353.159de037
        with regards

  94. Devaki Ganesan

    i am not comp savvy. I am an ardent followere of DKDM. I was thrilled to see your love of labor making available all epis of the show. I have copied the zip file to VLC player. I can play all the epis. I am not able download the copied 840 items to ext hard drive or dvd casettes or seperate them in batches. I have manually transferred episodes to disk. This is tedious and time consuming. Can you help me?


    • Akhil Pathania

      Hi Devaki,

      I think you have done pretty well specially when you dont think you are comp savvy 🙂

      I need to modify the df.jar file so that anyone could copy it to any location, i am sorry but i haven’t done this yet 🙁

    • Akhil Pathania

      Hi Sunny,

      You can still access all links. Just download, unzip the file and you will have all links in the .txt file. Simply add all the links from .txt file and it will show up in your IDM 🙂

  95. Prasanta Shyam

    I had downloaded all episodes form 1 to 820, The uncut version. I simply THANK YOU for making it available to me as well as for others.

  96. ujjawal

    i have found a error after 700 episode download.

    How can i download after this.
    The error is:
    An error occurred while processing your request.

    Reference #199.bdfa3f7b.1453978919.1043bd9c

    just give me some solution …

  97. Krishan Gopal

    Hi Akhil,
    This is Krishan From Christchurch, New Zealand. I’m the biggest fan of DKDM.Thanks for uploading all episodes. But I’m little bit worried because I’m not able to get the episodes to watch online as I was able to do this before.
    Could you please provide me any link to get access direct on all episodes to watch online ??
    I’ll be really thankful to you for this.

    • Akhil Pathania

      Hi Krishna,

      You are welcome. You could get the links from the file but it seems Star Plus has blocked their URL’s and that why you are not able to see/download any videos now. I am investigating this and will update soon.

  98. RAJIV


    no file to download. Server replied HTTP code: 403


  99. Ravi pal

    Hi Akhil,
    All the thanks to you for your superb efforts that i managed to stream about 514 episodes of mahadev on my android but today all the links which are there in that zip file not working.
    Please help
    Waiting for your reply eagerly !!

    • Akhil Pathania

      Hi Ravi,

      Thats quite some effort on a mobile 🙂
      It seems Star Plus has blocked their URL’s and that why you are not able to see/download any videos now. I am investigating this and will update soon.

  100. kunal aggarwal

    namah shivay, am requesting to the admin of this website, pls mujhe mahadev ke sabhi episodes provide krwade, mahadev ke is serail ne meri life ko bahut change kiya hai, mai ek sadhak hu aur mahadev ka bhakt hu, kripya mujhe sabhi episodes provide krwane mein meri madad kare, mai bahut ehsan mand rhunga….
    mera contact no. 9041115598 hai, kripya jrur provide krwaye episodes..

    namah shivay

      • kunal aggarwal

        hello akhil……thanks for revert me back.

        Am really salute you sir for this hard word that your doing for lot of people.
        and most important thing that your doing this without any your entire benefit.
        your really a great person, am very thankful to you for this act of kindness.

        Stay blessed always.
        Namah shivay


    I want to download all the episodes. Is it possible Bro pls help me. I have window 7 PC how can I download this. plssssssssssssssssss

  102. BINDU

    for Devon ke dev mahadev, the episode links you have given under were working fine till yesterday, but on a sudden they were showing some error.
    Could you please check it up pleaseeee

  103. bhaumil

    I got .txt files for all episodes but they are useless. In IDM it shows tht you don’t have permission to download.
    plz rply.

  104. Jitendra Nayi

    Hi Akhil, Will this only work if we create Mahadev folder in C:\? I dont have enough space in C:\ and I do have B:\ where I want to download.

    Can anything be done?

    -Jitendra Nayi

  105. manasa

    Hi akhil,

    As per your instructions i have downloaded some of the episodes, but unfortunately i couldn’t complete to download all the episodes because it says
    “NO FILE TO DOWNLOAD. SERVER REPLIED HTTP CODE: 403”. Could you please help me.


  106. pavani

    Hi Akhil,

    After searching long and hard (spent months), I came across your website but spent hours doing 1 to 3 steps to download episodes in one shot but I did not get it. I have Windows 10 and followed your steps below but not getting it. Can you please email me the link, send files as attachments or give me steps to download it. I was excited to watch mahadev episodes. But all of the links to the episodes are no longer on the website.

    I’ve never seen any Indian Show like this ever before. I fell in love with Mahadev serial after watching 1st episode. My mom was also watching with me as she is very devotional and also fell in love with this Mahadev show.

    I appreciate your help.


    • Akhil Pathania

      Hi Pavani,

      It seems Star Plus has blocked their URL’s and that why you are not able to see/download any videos now. I am investigating this and will update soon. Once this is fixed, let me know which step you are stuck at and i will be more than happy to assist.

  107. Manjit

    Hi Akhil,

    I opened the txt file with all the links in it an when you try anyone nothing comes up, are these links no longer valid?

    Let me know as I was watching it online and can’t anymore and I’m only on episode 514 so I still have a long way to go.



  108. Tarun Chauhan

    Hi bro, thank you whole heartedly for understanding Sanatan dharm and its truth. i have a problem, i can not download manual link from today……what is the problem? have you removed links too. if you did its a very big problem for “bhagvaan Bhakt”. To understand its thinking and message, If you got it, could you please tell me how can i download all episodes in HD ? i am looking forward to it.

  109. Mitul

    I was using your website regularly for Mahadev. Thanks.
    But seems no more links since couple of days.
    I tried the same way which you suggested for download. but doesnt work for me. says server error 403

  110. Pranav Dubal

    At presently I can’t download episodes from provide link in DKDM.txt It’s shows error that invalid user name and password. I download all episodes through free download manager. May be server problem. If any solution or guide. Mahadev Har.

  111. Aryan

    hey bro i tried to download as u explained above.. but unable. cmd start working but show file 1, no file to download, file 2, no file to download, file 820, no file to download.. what is this explain.. clearly .. thank you..

  112. Vicky

    I am downloading half of the episode of Devo ke dev mahadev, but rest of left. plz help me to how to download when it is not available

  113. Tarun Chauhan

    Hi bro, thanks a ton for this hard work……..
    I am facing problem in downloading after 570 episodes.
    When i am submitting URL, an error “message appears says….”An error occurred while processing your request.
    Reference #199.ca11f418.1454098673.2560c168”.

    Could you please help me to download rest episodes…?

  114. SJ


    I am unable to download the files, at first i was able to view the links online but now cannot .

    whilst trying to download it is asking me to keep unpacking the data!

  115. raj

    Hi! Akhil
    I love this show very much. I could save only 692 episodes, since yesterday I am getting this below message when i try to copy paste the link in search bar. is some thing wrong please confirm. thanks

    An error occurred while processing your request.

    Reference #199.576f1160.1454114767.224bf52c

    With regards

  116. Samir

    Hi Akhil,

    I am getting the below error while downloading. Please provide a solution.

    An error occurred while processing your request.
    Reference #199.414b3917.1454128331.6b6437ed

    Many Thanks in Advance. 🙂

  117. Aakash Sharma

    yarr kyo remove krr diye episodes .. mere abhi b 350 se upr ke episode bki hai or mujhe kahi mil b ni rahe hai download krrne ko 🙁

  118. Sonu


    I did all the steps. but its not showing as java. After extracting it’s showing df.jar but in winrar.
    It’s not changing to java. Please advise.


  119. Sachin Goswami

    Hi Akhil,
    As u say I download the zip folder of devokedevmahadev and extract the folder and I download many eposide but last few days when I copy the link and try to download the video it’s display the error
    I show the error please tell me what than I do to download the Devon Ke Dev Mahadev

    An error occurred while processing your request.
    Reference #199.20807c7c.1454132563.e12f4de

    Please send me the solution urgently
    I am waiting for your reply

  120. Sapna

    I have downloaded the zip and extracted it exactly as you have mentioned. However, the command you have specified does not work. It cannot find the extracted files. Please help! Is there any other way to download?

  121. Samir

    Hi Akhil,

    Please find the below error while download the video
    Please provide the suggestion what action taken care.

    An error occurred while processing your request.
    Reference #199.344b3917.1454154066.1e91e07b

    Many Many Thanks in Advance

  122. Ashok

    HI Akhil,

    Thanks for all the info about the episodes. I was happy to download few episodes everyday but now the manual link is not working and even all episodes are not downloading. Could you help me in getting all episodes !!!!!.

  123. Hridoy

    AKHIL PATHANIA I can’t download Mohadev any links could u tell me plz why? And tell me where can I download mohadev all episodes?

  124. Sandip

    Hey bro there is something wrong with the website i guess. because i have been watching this episodes from last 2 months and it was going good but from last 3 or 4 days i am not able to play any episodes from 417. it saws some kind of error.

  125. kunal aggarwal

    HELLO sir am still unable to download any episode from the txt file….pls help me and provide me devo ke dev mahadev episodes……

    pls help me , am very worried….my contact no. is 9915089810, pls help me

  126. akash

    Hi sir I am akash sir pliz help me my best serial mahadev I all rede dawlod 5025 but now no dawlod pliz pliz sir gep me idea pliz sir

  127. Raj

    Hi! Akhil
    I love this show i downloaded 692 episodes, now i am getting this below message when i copy paste the link in search bar. please let me know why i am not able to download these episodes. thanks for your help in advance.
    An error occurred while processing your request.

    Reference #199.92c2c5ad.1454201217.1171e445

  128. Tarun Chauhan

    Hi bro,
    error(An error occurred while processing your request.
    Reference #199.ca11f418.1454216790.2bf2c4e6) to download by links of DKDM… there any other way to download HD episodes ?

  129. Vaibhav

    hi.. as u mentioned full part downloading procedure I did the same but its not working.. Is it works on Windows 7 or some other step to be needed plz guide.. I have just 360 parts.. I want the remaining

  130. Shailesh

    Sir i am open link but this type of error or come. plz sir give me solution.

    An error occurred while processing your request.
    Reference #199.6b3ff63d.1454219669.1bef7610

  131. prakprakash

    Hi.can u pls help me from January 29 2016 I am unable to download mahabharat episodes there was some issues like (An error occurred while processing your request.
    Reference #199.6b3ff63d.1454219944.1bf9ae32) I have already seen 71parts and i have too much interest to download all episodes . Pls some one help me

  132. Vaibhav

    Hello Akhil,
    Manually I had downloaded 350 episode, thanks for that
    but now I am not able to download full episode with above procedure plz help me to came out this situation.
    I am using windows & operating system.
    Waiting for ur kind rply & solution….

  133. Vineet

    Hi. I was downloading them also one by one and now all the links do not work any more. I was able to Download from Episode 1 till Epsiode 428. I need Epsiode 429 and further. Please Help me someone. Please. Thanks in Advance. Vineet from Germany… And Sorry for my bad English. In Germany we dont speak any English.

  134. Krishna

    Hi Akhil – I get the following error when trying to run the cmd. no other details shared and it stops. thanks for the help

    C:\Users\Temburni\Downloads\df>java -jar “C:\Users\Temburni\Downloads\df\df.jar” “C:\Users\Temburni\Downloads\df\DKDM.txt”
    Downloading File:
    File Size = 411 mb
    File Name = Episode-1.mp4
    [ ]
    ERROR Downloading

  135. hinal

    i am trying to download mahadev, why does it gives me error everytime… the error say “no file to download. server relied HTTP code:403
    please help… thankyou

  136. Karan kumar

    Hi my name is Karan can u tell me plsssss
    I got iPad how I can watch&download episode
    I already watched 555 episodes plsssssss help me

  137. Jitesh

    Hi Akhil! I just tried running your script – however, not was loaded to the mahadev folder – it was saying link not found. Have the links been removed? Are these videos stored somewhere else now? Would really appreciate your help – as I too am a BIG fan of this Mahadev series! Thanks, Jitesh

  138. Bhavna

    Hi Akhil,

    I extracted dj.jar and DKDM.txt file, however I am unable to execute the command you mentioned. I get following error message.

    Error: Unable to access jarfile C:\Users\user\Downloads\df\df.jar

    C:\Users\user\Downloads\df is where I have jar and text file saved.

    Please advise what I am doing wrong.



  139. Priti Sharma

    Hi Akhil,

    Why are we unable to see the episodes of Mahadev and mahabharat anymore. Is it possible that u will again provide us with the links in order to keep watching them again and again. If not then where can we get full episodes for both of them.

  140. Priti Sharma

    Hi Akhil,

    We are unable to see the episodes of Mahadev and mahabharat anymore. Is it possible that u will again provide us with the links in order to keep watching them again and again. If not then where can we get full episodes for both of them.

  141. Dhruv

    Mr Akhil Pathania please upload all videos manually. I have only 5gb high speed internet in a month so i am downloading manually. please its my humble request please upload link of all episode

  142. dhruv

    When i am submitting URL, an error “message appears says….”An error occurred while processing your request.
    Reference #199.88b61160.1454331824.17e4954d

  143. Prakash

    I am having hard time making this work. Does this still work? if yes, can not actually extract .jar and .txt files. Please help

  144. Shubhranshu

    Hi Akhil,

    I am getting below error while downloading the episodes. “No file to download. Server replied HTTP code: 403”. Do you any suggestion for this?



    It was very convenient to download all the episodes maually
    is there any other way of doing it .
    i alrady have 205 episodes
    would have to start again
    help if possible