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Day 21: In & Around Santorini, Greece – Day 2

Santorini is not a place where you would go, stay for a day and come back. This place deserves few days of your life, it takes time to absorb the whiteness (colour of all the building in Santorini) of this place and the very reason we had kept aside 2 days.

We woke up to an amazing breakfast experience while enjoying the beautiful Caldera view, bright sunlight and pleasant breeze.

A nice breakfast with a good view, and me willing to click her photographs is good enough to make Aarti happy for few hours 🙂
And while we were at it, i dint want to feel left out 😉

Since today was our last in Santorini, we did not want to miss the experience of the infinity pool. So after digesting our breakfast we got into our swimming costumes and made the most of the hotel facilities.

On this island you will find many shops renting out scooters and quads, there are many towns on this island where you can go and enjoy the views, local cuisine, shopping etc. While the rentals can be quick heavy in the main market, if you go outside a little bit you might be able to strike a good deal. As far as i remember we rented a quad for $40 for 2-3 hours, it was not the best quad out there but it was fit for the job.

We took the quad for a spin to the nearest town Oia, where we took a stopover and walked around a little bit. Santorini has many churches, a round blue coloured top separates them from rest of the buildings.

On the way and back from the Oia town we witnessed volcanic rocks which run the length of the road and is reminiscent of Santorini’s past.

Yeah .. I know, bahut pyaari nahin bahut saari baatein karti hai :-p

Our tummies were gowling by the time we were back after returning the quad, we decided to checkout “Estia Traditional Grill House” which did not disappoint us. It had already started to get dark, so we headed back to the hotel. Hotel had arranged for our transport to the airport as we had a flight to Athens booked. Hotel staff was really warm and kind. We bid farewell and were warmly welcomed by the driver of this mini bus that was driving us to the airport.

It tasted like Sooji Halwa 🙂
Chicken can never go wrong 😉

And Santorini Sunset, an icing on the cake…

Beautiful Santorini Sunset

We reached airport well in time and to our surprise the flight was delayed by few hours. With all the time to kill and Aarti excited as always, she decided to do some nautanki (drama).

Finally the wait was over and they announced boarding. Even though we did not feel like leaving Santorini so early but we had a long itinerary and we were looking forward to the whole of it.

Aarti had booked a holiday resort (Aquis Mare Nostrum Hotel Thalasso) in Athens, and tricky bit was that it was atleast 1 hour away from Athens airport! All i was worried about was how much was the taxi guy going to charge us! And if any taxi guy will be willing to drop us that far in the middle of the night to start with!

Finally we landed in Athens and were able to find a taxi guy who was willing to go that far at that time. It almost took us an hour and we ended up paying around 40 – 60 Euros (i don’t exactly remember the amount but somewhere around this).

The resort was massive and in the middle of nowhere. It took sometime for someone to showup at the reception, we were really tried and patience had started to run out as well. Finally we were checked in and since it is quite a big resort we were escorted by a bell boy in a battery operated cart. Another surprise that awaited us was a dirty room, so we had to call up the reception, bell boy came back to pick us up and we were accommodated in slightly better room.

By this time we were too tired to think, so we just dropped senseless on our bed and snored our way to glory…

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