Day 20: Greece (Santorini)

Finally the day arrived Aarti had been waiting for with since time immemorial. Yes, today we were flying to Santorini and if you have a wife or a girlfriend you already know how important it is for her to tick out this place from her wish list 🙂

The hotel we have been staying in had an amazing staff, even thou we were checking out they agreed to let us park the car in the hotel parking and assured us that they will take care of it as it was fully stuffed.

Hotel Royal (Read review of Hotel Royal)
17th Klm Thessaloniki,
Perea, 57500, Greece

They got us a taxi and we left for the airport, it was an early morning flight and weather was just right (no sun, cloudy but pleasant).

Aarti was as excited as she can be and was recording everything even as we proceeded to board the plan. I tried to warn her that recording might not be allowed but as any other husband i was shown my place.

It was an hour flight and we landed in Santorini. Took a taxi and got down close to the hotel. The way to hotel was a short walk and our taxi guy had assured it was very close to where he dropped us.

Unfortunately battery of both our phones was out so we have to wander a little before we could figure out entrance to the hotel. Problem is that everything is white in Santorini, when i say white its the kind of white you see in the tide advertisement!

Eventually we made it to the hotel reception and they checked us in. It was very kind on the part of the hotel guys that they upgraded us we were really impressed by the service they were providing.

It was time to get refreshed, so making full use of the facilities in the upgraded room, we got ready to click some photos. I had some official business to take care of, so i got busy with that. After the work was over, we went out to the market for a stroll and also to experience some local cuisine.

Market was pretty crowded and all major food joints were pre-booked, so we decided not to wait in the long queues outside the famous ones and just find some place in any restaurant. Luckily we found space a decent restaurant and ordered our food, some salad and grilled chicken what else. If you ask me in particular, i am kind of guy who likes spicy food and i feel out of place everywhere except India and I am sure Aarti will have a different story to tell.

After we were done with the food and stroll in the market, we went back to our room and enjoyed an amazing Santorini sunset.

Tomorrow was going to be an eventful day as we were planning to explore Santorini. So, we soaked ourselves in the twilight before calling it a day.

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