Charles Bridge Prague

Day 12: Prague To Linz, Austria

We woke up a little early as yesterday we arrived in Prague when the sun was going down. The beautiful place it is, it deserved some quality time from us but before that we checked out our hotel which itself was quite mesmerizing 🙂

Massive Staircase for Second Floor
Massive Staircase for Second Floor
Massive Staircase for Second Floor
View of Inner Square from Balcony
View of Inner Square from Balcony
Hotel's Inner Square
Colourful Cow

We had our breakfast in the hotel, got out stuff in the car, requested the hotel guys to keep an eye on the car as we were going to check out nearby places on foot. Prague is prone to theft (like any major tourist destination is) so be careful where you park your car filled with all kind of stuff!

It was beautiful day with sun shinning bright. We walk to the famous Charles Bridge (14-15 Century) and there were hoards of people (tourist) enjoying the views and performances by local artist. It was more like a festival going on, people smiling and laughing, vendors displaying their stuff to lure in customers. The bridge was indeed beautiful as were the life size sculptures on the bridge walls.

15th Century Charles Bridge
Shops Near the Bridge

We wanted to spend some more time there but it was already afternoon and we wanted to checkout few more things before we exit Prague. Aarti guided me through narrow streets to old town square which did not seem motor-able, there were infinite people walking, eating out, shopping, clicking photos. Although we could not see any sign which suggest not to drive on this street, to be on a safer side i just parked it on the side and sat inside, while Aarti got out to click some pictures of the o this Prague Orloj, which is a 15th Century astronomical clock, third-oldest and the oldest one still working!

Old Town Square
Astronomical Clock
Astronomical Clock Closeup

Our next stop was Slovakia, but Aarti remembered that she had one relative in Linz, Austria. It was a detour but we did not want to miss this opportunity to meet them especially after Aarti told me that they own an Indian Cuisine restaurant in Linz .. he he

Our destination Restaurant New “Namastey” India was 250 kms, and i could already feel my tongue pissing thinking about a nice cup of Indian Chai, Daal, Chappati, Tandoori Chicken etc.

Aarti Posing with Chai
Happy Us
New Namastey India Restaurant

Driving within Austria is a beautiful experience, wide and excellent roads, beautiful sceneries, greenery all around, nice fresh air. By the time we reached Linz, it was already dark, we parked our car and walked in the Restaurant. We were warmly greeted by Aarti’s cousin and his business partner. I finally got my hands on to a nice cup a chai after a loooong time, i will let my smile do the talking 😀

After we enjoyed a nice Indian meal, we visited Aarti’s cousin’s place to meet the family and then called it a day after reaching our hotel for the night.

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