Day 10: Munich (Via Neuschwanstein Castle)

Today was going to be a long day on the road. So we got up a little early, quickly got done with our breakfast, packed our bags. It was a bright, sunny day again, so we did a little bit of photo-shoot (off-course) before we could start moving towards Dhanno.

The place we were staying at did not had private parking for the guests, so we had to park Dhanno on the street (it was a safe street thou).

Any human with a heart would cry looking at the plight of this handsome young man but not this lady with the camera … :-/

Getting all the stuff back in the car took some time, and there we were, back on the road towards Germany.

It was a long drive, took us almost 8 hours to reach Neuschwanstein Castle. By the time we reached, the castle was already closed. It was a quiet, deserted town. We started finding a place to park Dhanno as you have to walk to the castle and cars are not allowed.

After consulting a taxi guy, we found a parking area. Parked the car and started walking in the direction of the castle. We were hardly 100 mtrs through when it stuck to both of us that castle is already closed, and it was getting dark and would easily take us 20-30 minutes to reach the castle and we weren’t even sure if we will get a nice view of it from outside.

We looked at each other and unanimously decided to get back in the car and drive to Munich, where Aarti’s friends were waiting for us.

We had hardly moved a half mile when this beautiful view of the castle made us take another stop, photographs had to follow 😉

Neuschwanstein Castle
Photo Opportunists 😀

After spending another 3-4 hours on the road we arrived in Munich with warm hearts and roti’s awaiting us 🙂

After having a nice gup-shup session over some really good Indian food (nothing beats Indian food), we called it a day and checked into Hotel Angelo.

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