Jungfrau – Top of Europe

Day 08: Fun in Switzerland Continues… (Jungfrau – Top of Europe)

When we woke up in the morning, we were really excited and glad as it was a bright sunny day (looking at the weather a day before and weather forecast suggesting that the sun will be on leave), we indeed were feeling lucky.

View from Hotel Entrance
No .. Thats NOT a Monkey! That's Aarti for Christ's Sake :-p

Plan was to go check out Jungfrau, so we left for the train station. We parked Dhanno in the parking lot, and in an effort to receive a phone call while trying to get stuff out of Dhanno i dropped my phone and cracked the screen :-/

If that was not enough, 2 tickets for a return journey cost us Euro 250+, man were they expensive :-O

Jungfrau Pictorial Map
Train Passports ~ Euro 250+

We tried exploring the idea to drive up there but i guess there are no roads! Train had nice clean glass windows giving maximum view of the outside and with the weather being absolutely clear, the views were breathtaking.

The train had an interesting mechanism to pull the coached to such great heights, and if i am not wrong Indian government did seek guidance from Swiss authorities before starting the train to Srinagar.

Grindelwald Train Station - We Got Into 2nd Train To Jungfrau From Here
Notice The Straight Metal Gear In Between The Tracks, They Are Used In Addition To Regular Powered Wheels To Pull The Train Up The Mountains

Once we reached the top, all we wanted to do was click, click and click. It was just beautiful.

The tourist center at the top had many spots setup to enjoy your experience at Jungfrau.

1. Ice Museum

Museum Entrance
Way To One Of The Sections Of The Museum
On Idea On How Big The Corridor Was
Remember The Squirrel From Ice Age?
Ice Sculpture # 1
Ice Sculpture # 2

2. Outpost

View From The Top
Other Side
Hard To Decide What Is More Beautiful ;-D
Both Of Us # 1
Both Of Us # 2
Both Of Us # 3
Both Of Us # 4
Remember The Lab From 007 Bond Movie?
Long Shoot
Some Crazy Guys Preparing Their Jump :-O
That's Me
Some Random Guy

3. Play/Slide Area

There was play area setup down below, where families were having a good time with their kids.

I had purchased a telephoto lens before leaving for the trip and this was a great spot to check it out. It indeed turned out to be a good buy.

SIGMA 50-500mm 1:4-6.3D APO
Few Guys Tracking Towards Hilltop As Seen Via Prime Lens
Zoomed In Using The Telephoto Lens

After enjoying the views, we started looking for a spot to eat. Food cannot be delayed because based on my experience of more than 2 years, one among us (not me :-D) can get “HANGRY” (Hungry + Angry) and trust me this situation is a strict no no. There was surprisingly an Indian Restaurant available as well. I decided to have my lunch there, while Aarti went to a different cafe and brought herself something else. Indian food while being costly (“Expensive” is Switzerland’s middle name) was decent, i enjoyed my share. Then we grabbed a cup of masala chai and boarded train back to Dhanno.

The sky was still and we started our journey towards Italy. As the road unfolded, we were soon on Wassen drive. It was hardly half an hour into appreciating how beautiful the drive was when it started to get foggy. The road was narrow and there were lot of bike riders out on a jolly ride.

Carefully we drove through the mountain passes and reached Lake Como. It was already late but we still had to drive till our destination i.e. Cinque-terre.

We had booked a home for few days at:

Corte Paganini
Via Caste 41
Ricco Del Golfo Do Spezia
IT – 19020

We had a little trouble finding the address, but the host was very kind and came to guide us back to the house.

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