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Beach Vacation with Baby – Must Have Items!

Officially spring is just around the corner and then summertime. Wohooo!!!!

I bet everyone has started planning for weekend, week long or month long holiday. We just got back from Bahamas this weekend after celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary. While it was snowing in Chicago, we enjoyed gorgeous sunshine and 75F at Cable beach, Nassau. We stayed at Melia Nassau Hotel. I have been to many beaches before but this was more special as it was Anveer’s first beach holiday and Oh Boy!!!

Let me tell you beach holiday definition has a different meaning all together now. Earlier it was just one bag with few maxis, colorful sunglasses and couple of fancy beach bags but Now it took me one week to prepare Anveer’s suitcase (won’t say beach bag). Don’t get me wrong but going on holiday with a baby requires a lot of planning and good organization skills. End of the day we can’t match the home comfort but atleast can be prepared with all the things baby may need! You really don’t want to run around in a new city/destination finding important stuff, with inputs from the online world and “Naperville Mothers” FB group here is a list of things which I packed in my bag and I there was nothing else I needed. I am so glad that everything got into one suitcase (I know list looks long but it all fitted well in one suitcase along with his rompers and evening fancy clothes), and I am keeping that suitcase intact for next 3 months as we have already booked tickets for DC, Toronto and US Virgin Islands 🙂

Must Have Beach Items

Baby Beach Hat

Beach Hat

One of the best baby flap sun protection hat I bought. I purchased this from amazon and what a brilliant purchase. This is just perfect for those cute little heads. You can adjust the size as well and I think this will work easy for first 2 -3 years. I carried all those fancy hats (Zara and Nordstrom) but honestly speaking this is what babies need. Those fancy hats are great indoors and for photography.

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Baby Beach Clothes

Beach Cover Ups

I purchased his swim suit and cover ups from Carters. I wanted to see the size and quality. He was in this all the time and they are a must buy.

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Baby Water Spray & Baby Wipes

Spray Bottle/ Water Wipes / Water Bottle

Kids love sand and it can get easily in those little fingers and nails. You will see how sand is everywhere even during your lunch or snack time. Spray bottle and clean water is perfect solution to get rid of sand. And after that I would clean it with water wipes. I absolutely love this brand and this is going to be with me forever now. Only purest wipes on planet earth 🙂

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Inflatable Baby Swimming Pool

Inflatable Baby Pool

This was one of the best buy. Anveer absolutely loved playing in it. I took some bath toys and beach toys. Kids can spend hours playing in it and also keeps them cool and entertained.

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Johnson's Baby Powder

Baby Powder

Ahhh!! Best way to remove sand from baby’s skin. Just put some baby powder on sandy feet, hands or legs and remove gently with towel. Powder helps the sand come off from skin gently and easily.

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Badger Baby Sunscreen


Don’t forget this single most important thing. Just follow the instructions as it says. I used badger and it was great.

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Badger Baby Sunscreen

Swim Diapers and Wipes

Don’t forget to pack swim diapers . I carried a pack of disposable huggies swim diapers and 2 reusable diapers as well. Water wipes again to clean. Vaseline, Almond oil or Coconut oil after cleaning.

Product Link

Beach Bag

Beach Bag/ Toy Bag

Was very handy with all of Anveer’s toys.

Product Link

Portable Fan

Portable Fan

Oh yes!!! This worked as his toy as well as for cooling purposes while he was having a quick nap. You will need two AA batteries and AA to DR20 D-Size Battery adapter to run the fan. Really handy!

Product Link

Baby Flip Flops, Crocs, Beach Shoes

Flip Flops/ Crocs/ Beach Shoes

I carried all three actually but Anveer enjoyed most in flip flops and beach shoes. They were easy to wear and easy to clean and that’s all you need.

Product Link

Few Additional Items Worth Considering

  1. Flipple: (For bottle fed babies) This allows you to convert any bottle into a baby bottle. A perfect solution for kids who takes bottles.
  2. Munchkin Click lock Food Pouch Spoon: Perfect for pouch feeding without any mess.
  3. Reusable Food Pouch: Easy for smoothies, oats or any purees. Anveer enjoys sipping smoothie from this. Great to use in flight or outdoors or even on road trip.
  4. Zip Lock Bags: Must have! You can keep baby’s wet clothes at the end of the day, or to carry fruit snacks like papaya, melons for snacking.
  5. Baby Stroller: If your baby sleeps in it, definitely take with you. Good for sunset walk or if baby wants to take a quick nap.
  6. Water Resistant Blanket: Worth having it if you don’t have chaise lounge at the beach.
  7. Essential Oils: If you use essential oils, I am sure you know which one to carry.
  8. Beach Snacks: Your kid’s favorite snacks, purees, puffs or wafers. Even a good eater can show tantrums on holidays so don’t forget to pack their favorite munchies.
  9. Nail Clipper: Oh Yes! As someone said and you will agree with it, somehow on holidays their nails grow 5 inches over night 🙂
  10. Their favorite sippy cup
  11. Dish Soap: To wash their clothes or dishes
  12. Baby Sunglasses
  13. Mini First Aid Kit and Tylenol
  14. Big Sarong – It works for everything.
  15. Keep light jackets. It can get windy or cooler during the evenings.
  16. Aloe after beach
  17. Bug Spray (depending what time of the year you traveling)

I hope this list helps all fellow Mamas!

And please don’t forget to comment if there is anything else I should be adding in? Suggestions are always welcome and would love to hear your “Must haves” too 🙂

Much love

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