Armenian Visa

With Schengen Visa under our belt, it was time to move ahead. Being on the Indian passport, it was me alone who would require an Armenian visa and not Aarti as she is on British passport.

She checked out the requirements for the visa and we downloaded the form and filled it in. In addition to a properly filled form, we had to carry the following items with us:

  1. One passport sized photograph
  2. Passport
  3. Postal order for 2 month multi-entry Visa of value GBP 31.00

They are open till 1:00 PM to accept visa applications, we hurried but could only reach there exactly at 1:00 PM. They let us in and were kind enough to accept the form only to be processed the next day.
However the problem was that we were carrying cash which they could not accept and we were applying more than 2 months in advance.

The team working there was really really helpful and kind, they asked us to get the stuff sorted and come back again around 2:00 PM (lunch break) and they will make an exception and accept our application after hours.

So, we went around and got the postal order done. Preponed the hotel booking and updated the form. Came back around 2:00 PM and they happily accepted the form.

Now we are supposed to go back again in 4 days to collect the visa, hopefully it will be for 2 month multi-entry 🙂


[UPDATE]: Woo hoo!! Got multi-entry VISA for 6 months 🙂

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