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Below video is a graphical attempt to portray how we both met and I am so glad we did 😉

It was year 2012 and sword of getting married was hanging on my head by a thin thread. My mother would not listen to my excuses anymore and for me it was more like a “do-or-die” situation. Being a “Rajput” was not helping either, because although there was plenty of worthy beings around (many wouldn’t even bother to give me a second glance but I would like to believe that had they been from the same community as me and had they known how eligible I was they would had gone down on their knees in no time) but I could barely found someone from the same community. So jumping the IT bandwagon, I got myself registered on all possible Indian matrimonial websites and started the unending search for my partner in crime.

It was only when I started receiving marriage invitations from almost each and every friend of mine, I came to realize that it was about time I should be thinking about the content of my marriage invite as well. Not that my parents were not forcing me to get married, it was just that they had given up on me and accepted the fact that I will not marry anyone. However, attending marriage ceremonies (of my friends) and getting to enjoying the festivities, rituals, joy & happiness surrounding the event, excitement, twinkle in the eyes of the bride & groom, hearing stories of how they met, their courtship period etc., this all was quite enough for me to actually imagine my own marriage and all the fun I will have. And after getting pointers from all successful couples (ones who have not yet started to kill each other with the cutlery even after more than a year of marriage), I decided to create my profile on online Indian matrimonial website.

Two months passed by and I had lost interest in these site as I had very carefully scanned each and every probable brides profile, it was a daunting task and I saw Murphy’s Law being applicable at community level as well! Girls from all the “OTHER” communities were a plenty and seemed to have their profile photos right from their last modeling assignment but when it came to my community, it took me back to my school/collage days when we (me and my gang) had to resort to other classes or sections for our daily Vitamin-A needs. Well I submitted my interest to many and got tired of them responding to me in a positive tone. It was a busy day in office (Naperville, Illinois) and I received this email from a particular matrimonial site, suggesting a possible match (they do that on the basis of partner preference you had entered while creating your profile). There was a small thumbnail of this beautiful girl in the email, “work can always wait” so I immediately clicked on the profile and before I could submit my interest I realized that she was in London, UK. Yeah, what a bummer! Ten minutes later I received an email saying someone had shown interest in my profile and to my surprise it was the same girl from London. I was smiling that my killer looks were finally working but she being in London was a deal breaker with me in US, my mom in India and she in UK. Another minute and I get another email saying that same girl had sent a reminder on her interest! Wow, “she really wants me” that’s what I thought moving my shoulders back and with an extra broad smile on my face. Thinking that a little chit chat was of no harm, I accepted the interest but there was another catch. We both were free members, which meant none of us had paid membership which is required to know other party’s contact details.

It was few weeks of me having my matrimonial profile go online, days had been pretty busy since then trying to find the right guy among all the interests received. Chatted with a few as well but no there was no hurry yet. On one of the matrimonial websites (it had been quite a hit and many of my friends got married through this particular one) there was a feature where you could view names of all those who had visited your profile. Was going through them and found this guy who at least had some hair on his head and looked decent. I hadn’t seen much of US, so that was another compelling reason for me to at least initiate my interest. Something weird happened when I clicked on “Express Interest” button, so refreshed the page and clicked on the button again. Request went and left with a friend of mine to catch a movie.

So, I took out my “James Bond” hat and started looking for this beauty with blessings from Sir Google. From her profile I could make out what her profession was and her location. “LinkedIn” yes you read it right, that’s where I was able to locate and find her details. Till that day I had thought that LinkedIn was a total waste of someone’s effort and finance but not anymore, it could definitely be put to some good use <wink>. Now I had her name as well, finding her on Facebook was a breeze and I did not lose any minute and dropped her a message.

I still remember that I was watching “Fantastic 4” in theater with my friend when my phone beeped, it was a Facebook message from some random guy. Out to curiosity I opened it and was shocked to see that someone could trace me down on Facebook just on the basis of some minimal information I had shared on matrimonial sites. I was definitely impressed and creped out at the same time. Told him that I was out and would hit him up on gtalk once I am back. Came back after the movie and there he was waiting for the chat to happen. It was already quite late in the night but it was worth the shot so we started chatting and that chat went on for 5-6 hours. Finally we exchanged good nights only to have a phone conversation in the morning, I had to call because he said calls from US to UK were costly … Wow!

We had a nice long chat and then when I heard her voice over the phone, it seemed like I was talking to Rani Mukherjee! Yes, same husky voice. I had a feeling that this was it, I broke this news to my mom and she was super excited as well. She was very particular about horoscopes and they matched out perfect. That was it, our deal was sealed for life and rest is history.


Spoke to him in the morning and luckily he dint sound bad at all. He wanted to match horoscopes before coming to any conclusion, so I called up home to get my details. Told my parents that I think I have found a match and he is from the same community and he believes in horoscopes, that’s when I shocked them again but in a good way. They could not believe what I just told them and happily passed on the details to me. Good for both of us that horoscopes matched and the best part was that I will have to no longer worry about my laptop/mobile or any other electronics go bad …Phew. That was some relief after all.

2 years into marriage and how glad I am that she is in a totally different industry otherwise we would have been fighting over which is the best language for coding. And she being in travel industry makes me totally free from the burden of booking buses/trains/planes/hotels/autos (anything that has a fare attached to it) and trust me life is good.